November Fitness Blogging Challenge – Sunday Funday Treatday

So day 8 of the blogging challenge is…dah day dum…write a post about EVERYTHING you eat today.  Ugh!!!!  Sunday is football day…low key day…treat day….do we really have to do this today!!  I’d much rather do it on Monday when I’m back on track, but as I said in the post treat not cheat…treats can be okay.


Let me just preface this day by saying I did my workout first this morning…a 55 minute barre class…makes you feel great and, yes, makes you feel less guilty about treats:)



Breakfast:  oatmeal…I always like to have protein with my breakfast, but I ran out of turkey breakfast sausage so oatmeal it is…I feel more full when I include protein.  I don’t usually do DD, but on the weekend, I do partake.



Lunch: brown rice shrimp sushi….with a side of…oh…I can’t tell what it is…the picture is blurry.  I also had an ice cram bar.  Sorry, but when you are watching the Patriots win ANOTHER game (8-0), you gotta have some snacks!!!!!

IMG_5885 IMG_5891


I made Banana Pumpkin bread with greek yogurt so I HAD to try it.  I also had a vanilla/chocolate greek yogurt.  Well, I need to finish up this post so let’s just say that is the complete menu for the day…:)



  • Looks like I’m the one with the most treats in my day and is wasn’t even Sunday! Love the honesty and love the blurry pic of what was it Doritos, hmm, I guess you can neither confirm no deny….the world may never know 🙂

  • Good job working out! I cannot even remember the last time I went, and I sort of want to go. I just am lazy and really hate it. haha.

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