5 Thoughts about Having a Healthier 2016

It’s that time of year when people set a New Year’s Resolution into action.  Or maybe they will wait until Monday, January 4th because many people like to start on a Monday.  If you label it a resolution, you may feel that it just a cliche that will be abandoned by mid-January.  If you look at it as getting healthier, it may be more successful for you.  

1 – Choose something that is attainable.  If you decide that you want to, say….lose weight….don’t make your resolution, I will lose 30 pounds in 6 weeks.  Make your resolution that you will eat more fruits and vegetables.  If you are eating more fruits and vegetables then you aren’t eating other unhealthy snacks and, therefore, you will feel better and lose some weight.  This is very attainable.  Also, a treat every once in while will not be the most awful thing ever.  


2 – Choose something that you will follow through with.  If you hate running, then don’t make your resolution that you will run more.  If it is something you don’t like to do, then chances are, you won’t do it.  If you want to exercise more then start out slow…maybe walk every night before or after dinner OR take the stairs instead of the elevator OR park farther away from the door at work or when shopping.  Every little bit will help.  If there is an exercise class that you’ve always wanted to try, do it!!  No time like the present.


3 – Find a buddy that has the same goal.  When you do something with someone else, you are more likely to keep doing it because you have that personal connection, you don’t want to let them down and you probably are having fun doing it.  You can act as each other’s cheerleaders and support each other in your goals.


4 – If you slip up on your resolution, don’t give up.  Sometimes you may skip a day of walking or exercising OR eat a treat meal OR have too many unhealthy drinks.  Don’t give up the ship…just acknowledge it and move on.  No one is perfect…it’s okay to make mistakes…we are human.  Take a deep breath and keep going.


5 – Reward yourself for successes.  Set small mini goals within your overall resolution.  Say that you’ll buy a new workout outfit when you do “x” amount of classes or walk “x” amount of days.  Maybe you could buy yourself a new kitchen tool or other kitchen item after you’ve made fruit and veggie swaps for “x” amount of days.   Put a quarter/dollar in a jar for every:   class you do, walk you take, fruit or veggie you eat, glass of water you drink.  When it adds up, you can buy yourself something special.   Whatever reward will motivate you and will help you move towards your goal (and doesn’t impede your goal), do it for yourself.


Do you make a New Year’s Resolution?  If you do, what is it??


Hope you all have a healthy, happy 2016!!


  • You’ve got some great ideas here. I love using the buddy system. It’s harder now, living in a town where I don’t know many people other than my hubby, but I’m going to put more of a focus on surrounding myself with people who have similar goals this year.

    • You can even have an online buddy or program that gives you accountability and can also be a great source of support.

  • These are great tips to actually help people achieve their health goals. My health goal this year s to exercise at least 3x/week. My boyfriend is my accountability partner and has agreed to reward me with an apple watch if I can meet my goal for no less than four months!
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  • These are good to read especially while I am making my goals. I know people who want to lose 30 on 6 weeks and I can’t take them seriously. 2-3lbs a month is realistic.

  • #3 and #4 are my favorite! These are all great pieces of advice! I always find myself getting so caught up in my mess ups it’s hard to get back on track… but a buddy tends to keep me in line and more forgiving of my mistakes 🙂 Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year!

  • Such important tips. I especially enjoy finding a buddy to help keep each other accountable. And of course, I think it’s most important to reward yourself!

    • LOVE the reward system as long as it doesn’t impede your progress…I LOVE getting a new outfit or water bottle or tech device. It just makes motivates me more so that I can achieve my goals.

  • Great advice! I’m in a “biggest loser” facebook group that helps keep me accountable. I also really like your first piece of advice. For me it’s really about living a healthy life, not a number on a scale, so it needs to be a lifestyle change and not just a numeric goal.
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  • I have the hardest time not giving up if I slip up on something. I feel like if I miss one day of working out I have to start all over from the beginning. This year I want to work out more consistently and be more conscious of my eating habits. I’ll definitely be using these tips as I set my mini-goals.

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