A Happier You #2 – Coloring Books for Adults

The theme of my blog is Fitness, Nutrition and a Happier You.  I want to make sure that all my posts fall into one of these niches in 2016.  I really want to keep my blog more focused so the post for today is in the nice A Happier You.   What is it that will make a happier you?  Coloring books for adults….yes I know that they are all the rage now, but they really are great.  I purchased this coloring book from Amazon:

I have always loved the artist Mary Engelbreit.  She was actually my cousin’s roommate in college and she is also my 2nd cousin’s godmother.  Her work is very recognizable and it is whimsical and sweet.   (This is an affiliate link, but I am only posting it because I love the coloring book.  I am not getting anything from the company that makes the book.  I only post products that I have tried and love.)

As I sat coloring, I was really focusing on what I was coloring and what colors I wanted to use.  I wasn’t thinking of some sad news I had received at work the day before.  I wasn’t thinking about the paper I had to do for a class or the chores that needed to be done.  I was lost in the world of coloring…so relaxing and fun.  An added perk of coloring is that you can’t mindlessly snack on junk food or any food for that matter because your hands are kept busy:)  I did a great job, if I do say so myself.


If you have ever loved coloring any time in your life, you will enjoy coloring books for adults.  I have seen them everywhere.  They are online, in book stores, in craft stores and I have seen them in TJMaxx for cheap!!  I use colored pencils because you can get into small spaces with the sharp points.  You can even get the Twistable colored pencils so that you don’t have to constantly sharpen the pencils.

This isn’t earth shattering news or on the cutting edge of technology, but I thought I’d share something that I find relaxing and fun and wanted to share it with others.  I hope you give it a try and let me know what you think of this fun, accessible, activity.

Have you tried coloring books for adults?  If yes, which is your favorite?


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