A Happier You #4 – Ultimate Coffee Date/February 2016

So excited to write my second ultimate coffee date post.  I had a great time doing the first one and having been looking forward to the first Saturday of February.

The Ultimate Coffee Date

If we were having coffee, I’d share with you that I am OBSESSED with my new spinning studio VitalCycle.  It keeps you motivated and challenged by monitoring your RPMs, energy and calories burned.  Great instructors and playlists…love it, love it, love it.  I burn over 700 calories per 50 minute class.

spin shoes

If we were having coffee, I’d share with you that I only have 6 classes to go until I sign the barre at the Pure Barre studio near me.  I have been at it for over a year, but I am determined to sign that barre!!


If we were having coffee, I’d share with you the book I am currently reading Yellow Crocus.  I just signed up for Amazon Unlimited ($10/month to read an unlimited selection of books on your Kindle or the Kindle app) and this book came up as one I would like.  It is historical fiction, which I LOVE and it is about a southern family and one of their slaves who basically raises and loves one of their children.  I haven’t finished it, but I love it so far.

yellow crocus

(Photo credit to Amazon)

If we we were having coffee, I’d share with you that I FINALLY put together some essential oil roller bottles that I ordered months ago.  I have a Head Ease essential oil blend for headaches and hope to use it when I have my next headache.  I have heard wonderful things about essential oils and want to try to use them instead of OTC pain relievers.  I also ordered a mental focus blend and a muscle pain relief blend.  Can’t wait to try them out.


(Photo credit to www.powerfulmothering.com)

Finally, if we were having coffee, I’d share with you that my mother-in-law passed away peacefully this morning.  She had battled Alzheimer’s for years and  was 90 years old.  What a wonderful life she lived.  She was a friendly, loving, happy woman who always had a kind word and a smile for everyone.  She was a wonderful grandmother to my son and LOVED having her family close by.  Rest in peace Virginia. (Her favorite flower was Lily of the Valley <3)

lily of the valley

(Photo credit to Wikipedia)

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What would you share if we were having coffee?


  • I’m so sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. She sounds like a wonderful woman. I love spin classes but I still haven’t gotten the clip-in shoes.

    • Spin shoes are a must!!! I got mine at REI on the discount rack…they also have a great outlet online…check it out.

  • Such a beautiful post and what an original idea, I love it. Sorry to hear of your Mother-in-Law passing, but what a lovely thing you wrote. May she rest in peace, and may you stay strong and find comfort in her 90 years of smiles and love and kindness.

  • I’m so sorry for the loss of your mother in law! I’ve been contemplating whether to start going to a spin class or not. It seems like a great workout!

    • I LOVE spin class, but I know a lot of people who don’t:( If you start slow and work up a little at a time, you should do really well and hopefully love it as much as I do. Try it out!!!

    • I’m JUST learning about essential oils…Pinterest is a great place to get info and there are a lot of bloggers who sell the Young Living brand. I have found cheaper prices elsewhere and you can actually get them inexpensively at TJ Maxx too.

  • I’ve been wanting to try Pure Barre for ages, but still haven’t had a chance to–it looks like fun!

    I love historical fiction, so that book looks great!

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