A Happier You #7 – My First Adventure with Essential Oils

I have been reading all the posts and pins about essential oils for quite a long time.  I always had some lavender essential oil kicking around because I heard it calms you.  I also tried making some bug spray with essential oils because regular bug spray is so toxic and doesn’t seem to work anyway.  I never really got into mixing with carrier oils to make roller bottles.  I’ve always wanted to, but I just never put the time into it.  Well….I started this past week and I am so glad that I did.  What was I waiting for???

If you have wanted to use essential oils, but weren’t sure how to go about it, I’m going to tell you the steps I took to educate myself.  First, I read some blogs posts on how to use essential oils.  The majority of the posts said that you would need 3 things to get started:  the essential oils, roller bottles and carrier oil.  I looked on Amazon for these products because they usually have the best deals.  I chose all my products based on pricing and I have to say they are all great products.  (These are not affiliate links so I do not get paid for my opinion.)

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Second, I looked on Pinterest.  There are a plethora of pins about essential oils.  I found several that were super helpful.  This one is my favorite because it comes with free labels that you can put on roller bottles:  Essential Oil Recipes and Labels.  I also found great DIYs on making body butter and lip balm.  The possibilities are endless.  My essential oils Pinterest board is below and you can see some of the great EO pins that I have chosen.

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Third,  I mixed some of the essential oils I ordered with the carrier oils in the roller bottles and I have been using them for about a week.  I especially love the Good Night and the Muscle Soother.  I have been sleeping sounder since I started using the Good Night . I roll that mixture on the soles of my feet each night and I LOVE it. Not sure why the directions say to role it on the bottom of your feet, but it works!!!

EO roller bottles


Fourth, I ordered the supplies to make body butter from Bulk Apothecary.  (This is also not an affiliate link.  I just chose them because of their great prices and high quality products.)  I haven’t received the supplies yet, but when I do I will write a follow up post on how those “experiments” go.  The supplies for body butter are the same as for the lip balm, so I’ll be ordering some lip balm tubes and trying that too.  I hope that you have found these simple steps helpful.

Have you used essential oils?  If yes, what are your favorites and how do you use them?  I’d love to hear about your EO experiences.


  • I too, have always been interested in learning more about essential oils, but have never done anything about it. I think I will start dabbling into it a bit.

    • There are some great pins on my EO board about cleaning with EOs…I want to start using them for that too

  • We keep our medicine cabinet full of oils for all kinds of things. I especially love lavender for headaches and such, and there’s lots of good recipes out there for homemade bug spray that actually smells yummy!

    • If there is a mosquito within 5 miles of me, it will find me…definitely going to be trying that out this summer

  • I’m a huge fan of essential oils!!! The lavender oil helps calm my dog’s nerves in car rides!!

    • Really??? Never even thought of that…my dog gets anxious during thunderstorms and fireworks…I’ll have to look into that..thanks

  • I have also recently considered finally trying out some essential oils, mostly because I get headaches fairly frequently. I am definitely going to check out your Pinterest board. Thanks for sharing!

    • I was JUST reading about the Head Ease synergy blend and people rave about it…you just put a little on your temples or behind your ears..that is one blend that I do have and I haven’t had a headache to try it yet, but I’m sure it will be helpful:)

    • Definitely check it out…I got a comment from another reader who said they use them with their pets, which I never even thought of doing. I just find the whole thing fascinating.

  • Hmm.. I’ve never tried essential oils! It’s sounds very interesting and it seems like there are so many different kinds!

    • There are soooooo many different kinds…it can be overwhelming, but if you start with the ones you really need first, it isn’t as daunting a task

  • I have heard a lot about essential oils, but I never thought about giving them a try. But I believe in such therapies & might try them in future.
    Your search and strategies were so thorough. Great job, girl!
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  • I have always wanted to try oils but never knew where to start. This is great, adding to my to do list now.

    • It can be a little overwhelming because there are so many different oils, but if you start with a couple that you really need or want, it makes it easier and you can go from there:)

  • I love essential oils. Posts like this are great for helping me think of new ways to use them.

  • I just started using essential oils and just wrote my first blog post on them in an attempt to wrap my head around how to use them. So far I love them, I don’t know if they are doing too much, but they definitely help with stress relief and provide an awesome smell without the chemicals!

  • I love essential oils! I bought some grapefruit essential oil and add it to my bath water. It smells amazing. I also add a little peppermint oil to my conditioner because I read that peppermint oil stimulates the scalp, thus stimulating hair growth. Great post!

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