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I LOVE spin…I’m sure you have figured that out from all my pro-spinning posts.  You burn a ton of calories and, therefore, sweat A LOT. Personally, I have to have a towel on the handle bars because my hands sweat a lot and I just feel more comfortable with the extra padding.  Once I forgot an extra towel and I searched my car for a beach towel to use because I literally CANNOT spin without a towel on the handle bars.  We all have our little quirks, don’t we??

I ordered several of the WAVES Gear Micro Towels and have never used another towel in the gym since.

“Waves Micro Towel is the best beach towel ever created. Designed from proprietary micro fiber, Waves Micro Towel is 78% smaller than a traditional towel when folded. It dries faster than a traditional towel and takes up way less space in your bag.  No more packing a separate towel bag for the family. The Waves Micro Towel can fit into your pocket.” (quote from their website)


It says that it is a beach towel, but I use it strictly for gym because it is less bulky than a bath or beach towel.  It absorbs sweat quickly and is easy to wash and dry.  If you are tired of schlepping that big, old bath or beach towel to and from the gym…this is the towel for you.  I have the orange, blue and grey towels.  I do love the bright colored ones too; they just weren’t available when I ordered mine.  I’ve had mine for several years and they are still like new.  Dimensions: 36″ x 60″ (10 oz.)

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Waves Gear has offered a generous discount of 50% off on their Micro Towels.

Click on the link and enter the code: Thistledewfit-50 

What is your go-to gym item that you CANNOT live without?

(I do earn some commission from the discount code link, but I sincerely love these towels and actually approached the company to do the review because I love them that much.  All products that I review are favorites of mine that I use and LOVE.)


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