Fitness #6 – Did I mention that I LOVE spinning?

Yes…I think that I DID mention I LOVE spin:)  I have been spinning for 3+ years.  I took a class about 10 years ago and I HATED it.  I couldn’t wait until the class was over and I think I cried on my way home from the class.  I then proceeded to drop that class.  Fast forward 7 years and people at work were saying how great spin was and how it burned lots of calories.  I decided that it was something that I wanted to try again.  I joined a women’s gym just so that I could take spin.  I started taking spin there and I LOVED it.  It was a completely different experience for me.

What I learned from those experiences is what has kept me going back week after week and what I want to share with you.

1 – Find a studio and instructor that you LOVE.   If you do not like the classes or the studio or the instructor, you WILL NOT go back.  The best way to find a studio and instructor you like is to take advantage of a Groupon or Living Social deal.  You can get some low-cost deals so that you can try out different studios, classes and instructors.  My current studio offered a week of free classes before I signed up.  What a great way to find a class and/or instructor that you like.  Check for deals at studios in your area.  If you don’t like one instructor at a studio, be sure to try other instructors because each one can very different, even within the same studio.  


2 – Go at your own pace.  Do not worry if the person next to you is pedaling faster than you or is standing longer than you or isn’t breaking a sweat.  Everyone is different and you shouldn’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.  If you need to sit when others are standing, that’s okay.  If you need to pedal at a slower pace, do it.  If you need to sit the whole time and never leave the saddle, be comfortable.  You need to do what is best for you and, really, don’t worry about the others.  Before you know it, you’ll be running and jumping with the best of them.


3 – Give it a couple of classes before you decide whether to continue.  My husband just started a couple of weeks ago and after his first class he said that his butt was killing him.  I’m not going to lie…your butt may kill after a class.  Personally, my butt never hurt, but I hear that complaint from a lot of people.  Also, your legs are going to feel like cooked spaghetti after your first few classes.  It’s all part of the initiation into the wonderful world of spinning.  If your butt continues to hurt, you can get a gel seat that fits over the spin bike seat.  Your legs will get stronger and the cooked spaghetti feeling will improve.  


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4 – Buy spin shoes.  If you decide that you love spin as much as I do, invest in spin shoes.  They will make all the difference.  When I started, I wore sneakers and had to put my feet into the pedal cages.  The cages would cut off the circulation in my feet making the ride uncomfortable.  When you have spin shoes, you click into the pedals and you don’t have to use the cages.  Spin shoes have a rigid bottom and you get more power in your cadence because you are attached to the bike.  I got my spin shoes in the REI outlet for cheap money.  I have had them for over 3 years and they are still in great shape and I would NEVER spin without them.

spin shoes

5 – Bring LOTS of water.  You will sweat a lot….bring lots of water.  That is all.


Have you taken a spin class?  Did you enjoy it?  What’s your favorite workout?


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