Nutrition #2 – My Trip to Trader Joe’s

I LOVE Trader Joe’s….but really, who doesn’t?  Every time I go, I find something new and yummy.  I go there every few weeks, but I could seriously go several times a week.  I knew that I wanted to do a nutrition post on TJs and I wanted to choose items that are healthy, which isn’t hard to do.

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First, their selection of pre-made salads and frozen fruit is awesome.  The prices are also great.  My favorite salad is the Southwest Salad…yum.  I have also bought almost all the varieties of frozen fruits, which are a lot more reasonable than the name brands (and some store brands) at the food store.

Beet hummus

This is my number one…most favorite item at Trader Joe’s….Beet Hummus.  So yummy…I can’t describe it, but if you like or love beets, you’ll love it.  I have always loved beets.  I have baby pictures of me with beets all over my face:)  It doesn’t taste like traditional chick pea hummus, but it is the same consistency.  I oftentimes eat it on celery, but you can also eat it on chips or whatever else you eat with traditional hummus.


I also eat my Beet Hummus with these Reduced Guilt Pita Chips…also very delicious and much cheaper than the name brands pita chips at the food store.

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I am a Diet Coke-aholic and I know it is very bad for me.  It is one of my only vices, but I’m trying to break the DC habit.  I saw this at TJs and the reason I like it is because it is flavored with Stevia instead of aspartame or Splenda.  I try to avoid aspartame and Splenda if possible (except for Diet Coke…lol).  Splenda is made with chlorine and who wants that in your body AND it really doesn’t agree with me.  Hopefully this lemonade will take the edge off my Diet Coke obsession.


This soup is one of my all time favorites…I have been eating it for years.  It is low calorie, low fat, lower carb and very tasty.  It is a great fall/winter soup because it has substance.  1 cup is 90 calories and the container holds 4 cups.  Great with some grilled cheese.


I mentioned that I drink warm water with a fresh squeezed lemon in it every morning.  Lemons have been 69 cents each at my regular food store, which gets pricey when you are using one a day.  These lemon are reasonably priced so I was excited to find them.

Do you shop at Trader Joe’s?  What are your favorite products?


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