Nutrition #3 – Low Carb Sandwich Options

I LOVE bread…if I was given one food to eat for the rest of my life, it would be bread in all forms.  So when I go to choose a lower carb, lower sugar, lower calorie option for sandwiches…it had better be delicious.  I have tried all the following items and thought I’d share them with others who might be looking for healthier options.

flat out

Flat Out wraps :  These are one of my favorites.  They have different flavors and sizes.  I like the ones pictured; the Light version.  As you can see on the bag, they are half the calories and half the carbs of other wraps.  I like these because they have a little more substance to them than other tortilla type wraps.  They also taste great.  I’ve also used them to make pizza, although it can get very mushy when you put sauce and cheese on it…still tastes good.


Joseph’s Lavash Bread :  This is tied with Flat-out for my favorite wrap.  I only use 1/2 of a lavash because they are huge!!  They used to be 50 calories for a 1/2, but now they are 60.  Not a huge deal, but just something I noticed.  They are softer than a traditional wrap and taste great.  Not as much substance as the Flat-out, but also 30 fewer calories.  Too thin to make pizza with.  Joseph’s has many different types of wraps to choose from

cedar's wraps

Cedar’s Whole Wheat Wraps :  These wraps are good, but not my favorite.  They are a lot chewier than the first two wraps, but they have even lower carbs.  I don’t mind them, but definitely like the first two wraps better.  Definitely a different taste and texture than Flat-out and Joseph’s lavash.  They also offer many different types of wraps.


Tumaro’s Multi-Grain Tortillas/Wraps:  I bought these last week because I had never seen them before and they looked good.  Loved that they were lower calorie and lower carb.  I have to say that these are my least favorite.  Much more of a chewy texture like Cedar’s and didn’t love the taste.  I will definitely finish them, but probably won’t buy them again.  They also offer different flavors.

Of course, you would have to choose from what is available at your local food store.  All of these were available at Hannaford in my area.  I did not get any products or payment for this review.  I’m just sharing information to those of you looking for sandwich bread alternatives:)

What is your favorite type of tortilla/wrap?  What do you like to put in your wrap?



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