Essential Oil Faves

I have been using essential oils for about a month now and I have to say, why did I wait to try them out?  I have had some great successes with the ones I have used.  It is best if you have some supplies before you embark on your EO DIY journey.  These are some of the basic supplies that are needed:  roller bottles,  carrier oil , beeswax, jars, lip balm tubes, coconut oil and shea butter.  I bought all my supplies on Amazon or at Bulk Apothecary.  Both have a great selection.

Success 1 – I tried Digest Ease from Eden’s Garden.  I put some in a roller bottle with carrier oil and roll it on my stomach when I feel any type of nausea.  IT WORKS!!!  I just love it.



Success 2 – I tried Good Night also from Eden’s Garden.  I also put this in a roller bottle with a carrier oil.  I roll it on the bottom of my feet when I go to bed and it has really helped me get a better night’s sleep.




Success 3 – I made whipped body butter.   It is a great body moisturizer and you only need a small amount.  You can put any scent into it that you like.




Success 4 – I made acne stick to use on the occasional pimple that I get.  It worked really well and I am going to use it for my 13-year-old son too.



I tried making a DIY diffuser with vodka, water and EOs, but I did not have as much success with that one. My next DIYs with EOs will be magnesium lotion, vapor rub and cleaning solution.  I will do another post to share those outcomes.  Pinterest is such a great resource for EO uses and it can be a little overwhelming. I will pass on the recipes that have worked for me so that you’ll have an easy reference.

What is your favorite way to use essential oils?


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