A Little Motivation Goes a Long Way

Sometimes we just need a little pat on the back or a pep talk because we are feeling not quite adequate.  You could be the most successful of the successful, but you are having a bad day…everyone has them.  I have been a teacher for a looooonnnnngggg time…I started in day care in college…worked in an after school program after I graduated…next was a preschool director….educational assistant….2nd grade teacher….first grade teacher….and now kindergarten teacher.  It’s been a long evolution in my career and I still feel inadequate some days even with my 2 advanced degrees and umpteen million hours of professional development.  I appreciated today when a co-worker said to me that I was a great teacher who really cares.  It meant a lot to me.  We both talk about how the teachers who are just starting out are so self-assured and confident, but to a fault.  They think they know it all and that they can do no wrong.  It makes me worried for the future of our society.  Hence, the need for a little motivation and uplifting thoughts.

A focus of my Facebook page is to post motivational sayings/quotes that I feel are truth and that may motivate or uplift my readers.  If it helps one person a day, then I feel that I am making the world a better place.  I also try to do that on this blog…I want to try to motivate or help at least one person (hopefully more) per post.

One site that I LOVE is Tiny Buddha.  It has all kinds of articles, quotes, tips….you name it…and everything is positive and motivational.  I also follow them on Facebook and they have awesome quotes and stories.

Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side because it is fake.....Tiny Buddha.com

Another great site for motivational quotes is Insight of the Day.  It has great quotes on the site and you can also get a quote emailed to you every day….motivation in your inbox:)

Finally, I have to say that my biggest motivation is probably my son.  My parents both died when I was a teenager.  I feel that they had a HUGE impact on the person that I am even though they were only in my life for about 16 years.  I am motivated to be a better person, a healthier person, a more loving person because of my son.  I miss my parents every day; they were great people and I have great childhood memories.  I want to have that type of impact on my son’s life.  He is a great young man.

Where do you get your motivation?


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