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I just found out that I was accepted as a brand ambassador for MindBody.  I am very excited about it.  If you don’t know about the MindBody app, you need to look into it.  It is awesome if you are a fitness minded person who liked to be organized.  The app has tons of gyms, studios, spas, etc that you can choose as favorites on the app.  Once they are chosen as favorites, you can use the app to sign up for classes at your favorite gyms or studios AND for appointments at your favorite spas.

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You can set up the app with a credit card to pay for your classes or appointments.  You can also connect the app to Facebook if you like to check in with your awesome workouts and relaxing massages on your news feed.  My absolute favorite feature is that you can connect your Fitbit to the app and it will tell you how many calories you burn for each class you take…which is much more accurate when you have a Fitbit that measure heart rate.  It will also tell you your active minutes, heart rate zones (if your Fitbit measures), & max and average heart rate.  There is even a spot to review your class.


Another special feature of the app is a “Groupon-type” stream at the bottom of the home page.  There are local classes and deals advertised and you can sign up for them right on the app.  There are some great deals and it gives you a chance to try out all different classes, studios and gyms at reasonable prices. There are so many small studios and such a variety of classes in my area that I wouldn’t have know about without the app.


There is also an explore feature where you can see fitness, wellness and beauty locations in your area. Fitness includes yoga, group exercise, barre, pilates, spinning, cross fit, personal training, bootcamp, MMA and more.  Wellness includes massage, meditation, acupuncture, nutrition, physical therapy and more.  Beauty includes salon, skin, nails, spa, sauna and more.

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It keeps a history of the classes and appointments you attended.  It also keeps all the statistics from your fitness classes.  There are phone numbers, website links and maps all integrated within the app.  It is your health, beauty and wellness hub!!

What classes and appointments will you schedule on MindBody?


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