Nutrition #4 – Easy, Healthy Lunches

I take my lunch to work every day.  I teach kindergarten and lunch time is my sacred, adult only time during the day.  I look forward to it so I need to have yummy options for each day.  I tend to go in cycles of eating something for weeks and then get sick of it and move onto something else.  I want to expand my lunch choices and I’m going to share some of them with you.


Chicken Bacon Lettuce Wrap – I like BL’s with no T.  If you like tomatoes, you can add them back in.  I wanted something a little healthier than traditional bacon, but I don’t like turkey bacon.  It just doesn’t have the same consistency or taste as regular bacon.  One day at my food store, there was a display with Al Fresco chicken bacon and I decided to give it a try.  It was yummy…similar consistency and taste to traditional bacon.  I put the bacon, lettuce and some lite mayo on half a lavash (see earlier post on low carb options) and it is an awesome wrap, which is high in protein.

chicken bacon

PB and Banana Wrap/Sandwich – I’m sure that a lot of you have had a similar banana experience as mine.  You choose green bananas at the store so they last longer.  One day they are green and it seems like the next day they are overripe.  I hate mushy bananas:(  At that point, I either make banana muffins or use them for a PB and banana sandwich or wrap.  A new twist to that yummy combo is to add dark chocolate chips and cook it for 4-5 minutes in a pan…WOW!!!!  Doesn’t that sound delish?


Avocado Chicken Salad – I find that the easiest way to make chicken salad is to buy a rotisserie chicken and then pull the chicken off it.  My food store has them for $4.99 which is cheaper than buying deli meat.  I found this easy, protein-packed recipe for chicken salad that uses avocado instead of mayo.  Avocados have all kinds of good fats in them and are low in carbs.

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ganze und halbe reife avocado isoliert auf weissem hintergrund

Hummus Chicken Sandwich – Another yummy lunch option is to put a chicken breast or part of a chicken breast on a wrap or bread of your choice.  Spread hummus over the chicken or on the bread/wrap.  It is delicious and very filling.  It is a  great, healthy source of protein. 

(I did not get paid or receive free products for including them in this post.  They are just products that I have tried and LOVE.)

Do you bring lunch to work/school every day?  What is your favorite lunch option? 


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