Essential Oils – Part III

I started using essential oils about 6 weeks ago and I wish I had started using them sooner.  They are awesome.  My favorite company to order from is Eden’s Garden.  They are a small, independent company and they have great prices.  They also offer different sizes of EOs.  I love this company and their oils.

I have tried several mixtures since I wrote my last EO post and I also bought some products that I want to share.  I do not get any compensation for the reviews, links or products that I am writing about in this post.  I just want to share my successes with others so that they can have an easier time if they need or want to try them.  I made a cleaning mixture, reed diffuser and bought an electric diffuser that I will be writing about here.

Bathroom Cleaner:  I made this cleaner just this week.  I bought the castile soap at Trader Joe’s…they have the best price around.  I bought the glass spray bottle on Amazon.  I also bought some spray bottle at the dollar store and I am going to try using those nozzles on an empty vinegar bottle; a suggestion from the post.  I loved the smell of this cleaner, but the baking soda left a bit of a cloudy residue, so I’m going to use less baking soda the next time I make it.


Reed Diffuser :  I also made these reed diffusers this week.  I bought the bottles at TJ Maxx.  I made them several weeks ago with a wider mouth jar and they evaporated too quickly.  You really need to use small neck bottles.  I bought the reeds on Amazon…these are on the short side so if you get a tall bottle, they probably won’t be long enough.  I have this in my bathroom and I turn the reeds over every few days, which helps to bring out the scent.  


Electric Diffuser :  I have wanted an electric diffuser for a long time.  I finally purchased one and I am so glad that I did.  I just plugged it in today and it is awesome.  I left the house and when I came back, the house smelled so fresh and clean.  I put in a mixture of lavender, orange and lemon…so refreshing.  I got a printable of spring diffuser blends and chose the seaside citrus blend.  Definitely a great investment and this one was actually a great price.

What is your go-to essential oil blend or use?

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