My Happy Place: Surfside Beach, SC

I have been coming to Surfside Beach, SC for about 10 years.  The first time I came, my friend’s parents had a time share week that they were going to lose if they didn’t use it.  She said that all I’d have to pay was $500 for the booking and I could go pretty much wherever I wanted.  My husband and I had always wanted to go to Myrtle Beach, so we had her book it.  The place she booked was actually in Surfside Beach and boy are we glad that she did.  Myrtle Beach is all high rises and is very busy.  Surfside Beach is just south of MB and it is quieter with houses and condos right on the beach.  We love it here and have returned every year (unless we went to Disney:)


When we first starting coming, my son was 3 and he just liked to play at the beach.  As he got older, it was miniature golf (there are about a billion mini golf courses to choose from) and now it’s real golf.  It was a lot cheaper to do mini golf…lol!!!!  This is the mecca of golf courses and he can golf free with my husband until he is 16.  Quite a deal.


When I chose the name of my blog, My Happier Place, I have to say that Surfside Beach was my original happy place.  It is beautiful, relaxing, clean and the people are very friendly and helpful.  It is a 1 hour 45 minute flight from Boston and you just can’t beat it for a pick me up after a cold winter.  We always find a rental on VRBO (Vacation Rental By Owner).  We have found beautiful condos right on the beach and have never been disappointed with our choices.  The renters have been great and we don’t have to pay any extra fees that you have to pay when you go through a rental agency.  The rental we are in for this trip even included sheets and towels (which you often have to rent) and even had little shampoos like in a hotel:)


My favorite thing to do when I am here is the beach.  I just love the sound of the waves crashing…I could sit and listen to it all day.  I’m happy with my book of crossword puzzles and a bag or container so that I can collect shells.  After a winter of staying inside most of the time, my body just craves the vitamin D (sun) and vitamin C/sea.  I also love to get my feet into the sand because being grounded to the earth is so important for your health (read Sleep Smarter by Shawn Stevenson).


As I said before, the boys love their golf.  There are other things to do in the area.  Of course, there is LOTS of shopping.  There is also the Brookgreen Gardens in Murrells Inlet.  I got a great deal on Groupon. I got 4 tickets for a cheaper price than buying the 3 I needed AND all tickets are good for a week.  Right now they have a Lego exhibit woven into their zoo.  They also have a butterfly house, sculpture garden and boat ride through the old rice fields.

Brookgreen Legos

We have had a hard time finding restaurants that we really love down here.  EVERYTHING is fried in the South and it tastes good for about a day and then you’re just sick of it.  If you love fried, then you are all set.  We did find a great Italian restaurant in Myrtle Beach last nigh called Villa Romana.   So yummy and so much food.  The owner/chef came out and greeted EVERY table in the place.  When have you ever had that kind of service.  He’s been there 39 years so you know he is successful and it shows.  The food and service were excellent.  We also love to have breakfast ON the beach so we go to the Surf Diner at least twice during our week.  Good food and PERFECT location.



There is also a pier in Surfside Beach right outside the Surf Diner.  It is $1 to walk out on it and we just never paid the money to go.  This year we did and we weren’t disappointed.  There are lots of people fishing out on this dock AND because they are throwing bait over the side…..sharks were milling about.  Very cool!!


If you want a family-friendly, relaxing vacation that won’t bust your budget….try Surfside Beach, SC.  It is even cheaper if you drive, which we did one year.  If you enjoy road trips, it isn’t too bad of drive.  We just always think  “We could fly their in less than 2 hours” so the drive isn’t for us.

Where is your favorite vacation spot??



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