Beach Bag Essentials

To piggy back on my last post of visiting the beach, I wanted to write a post on the most important things in my beach bag.  First of all, I have the best beach bag ever!!!  I got it from Viv and Lou and I love it.  They always have sales, although the regular price on it is reasonable to begin with.  I LOVE anchors so this was the one for me and it is so roomy that you could also use it for a weekend away. IMG_5556


Sunscreen – this should definitely be the first item put into everyone’s beach bag.  I use the Walmart Equate brand and I have no complaints.  I love the continuous spray and the 2 pack is very inexpensive.  I love the scent of it and it does a great job of blocking those bad rays.

Floppy Hat – I love my floppy hat and you see them all over the beach.  You don’t have to feel silly about wearing them because EVERYONE wears them.  I actually got my Panama Jack hat at TJ Maxx, but they are reasonably priced on the Panama Jack website.  They are all very cute, too:)  May need to get another one.

Lip Balm with SPF – My lips are very sensitive to the sun.  If I don’t wear lip balm with SPF, I get sun poisoning on my lips and it is soooooooo painful.  I never go out in the sun without lip balm with SPF.  I love the Hawaiian Tropic brand because it has SPF 45, one of the highest SPFs I have seen in a lip balm.  I also love the scent/taste.

Aloe Vera Gel – Inevitably many of us forget to re-apply sunscreen or miss spots with the sunscreen.  That is where aloe vera gel comes in.  My absolute favorite aloe vera gel is Trader Joe’s brand.  It smells isn’t super sticky and it calms your hot skin like nothing else.  I won’t use any other brand now that I have found this.

****There are no affiliate links in this post.  I am just sharing products that I like and that I feel will be helpful and useful to others.****

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What are the must haves in your beach bag?


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