Calm at My Happy Place

One of my most favorite  (is that proper English??) happier places is the beach.  I find it to be calming, serene, low stress and just….ahhhhhhhhh.  One of my most favorite sounds is the sound of the waves crashing.  When we go on vacation to South Caroline every April, I LOVE to keep the windows open so I can hear the crashing waves all night and when I wake up.  It is must mesmerizing to me.  My favorite place to be when I’m at the beach is on my chair in the water.  I love sitting at the edge of the water and letting the water wash over me….nothing like it.

When I went to the beach this morning and I was sitting in the itty bitty waves, I thought “This would be such a great place to meditate.”  I don’t meditate on a regular basis, but I’ve been wanting to start.  There is a little bit of meditation time at the new barre class I go to and I LOVE it.  I remembered that I had the Calm meditation app on my phone and I had an extra pair of earbuds in my beach bag so I gave it a whirl.  I was not disappointed.


It was quite ironic because the first sound that you hear when you launch the app is the sound of waves crashing.  LOVE it.  It was really cool because I could hear the waves on the app AND the background of the waves I was sitting in…perfect.  (This is not an affiliate link…I am not getting paid or any services for this review.  I just like to share things that work for me in hopes that they help someone else too:)  There are several meditations that you can choose from.  I chose the beginner 7-day meditation because it was guided and I am a beginner.  It was 10 minutes long and the voice was so calming and serene.  I couldn’t believe how fast the 10 minutes passed.

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The beginner meditation is free, as are some other programs.  There is a fee for additional meditations, but it is very reasonable, especially if it is helpful to you and helps you handle stress better and is calming to you.  Namaste

What are your favorite ways to meditate?  


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