The Easy Way to Earn FREE Gift Cards and Products

Yes…you can earn free gift cards and not pay one penny.  Sounds too good to be true, but it is absolutely true.  If you are willing to download 2 free apps and snap some pictures, you’re on you way to earning free gift cards.


Shopkick – This app is awesome and I have already earned 2 Starbucks gift cards and a TJ Maxx gift card.  Simply download the app, set up your account and you are good to go.  Whenever you go shopping, open the Shopkick app and it will tell you what stores offer “kicks”.


Some offer kicks(points) for just walking in the door.  Some offer additional kicks for scanning, not buying, products.  It reminds me of Pokemon Go for adults:)  You can also add in credit and debit cards and when you use them in the store, you get credit for your purchases.  Yet another way to get kicks is to take a picture of your receipt when you buy certain items that are highlighted in the app.  It could not be easier.


You can choose from many different gift cards including Starbucks, TJ Maxx, American Eagle, Walmart, Target, Old Navy, Macys, Nike and the list goes on and on.  You can also donate your kicks to many charities.  Give it a try…you will not be disappointed.


Receipt Hog – Receipt Hog is a receipt snapping (taking pictures) app.  You download the app and set up your account.  For this app, you snap pictures of all your receipts from department stores, convenience stores, gas stations, food stores, etc.  Depending upon the type of receipt you snap, you can earn coins or slots.  Coins are what you accumulate in order to earn gift cards.  Slots are pulls on a virtual slot machine within the app.  You can earn more coins when you “pull” the slot machine arm.  With each receipt, you also earn entries in monthly sweepstakes which can earn you even more coins.


There are also monthly challenges which earn you more pulls for the slot machine.  Everything is geared to earn you more coins, which earn you an Amazon or Paypal gift card.  You can connect your email and Amazon account in order to earn more coins.  Sometimes you are given surveys to complete for even more coins.  It doesn’t cost a penny and you can earn free gift cards…to me it’s a win-win to download this app.


Cumberland Farms SmartPay – This is also a win-win app.  If you live in an area that has Cumberland Farm gas stations, this is the app for you.  You download this app and set up an account.  You then connect a debit or credit card to the app.  When you get gas at their gas station, you use the app to pay for the gas and you get a 10 cent discount per gallon.  It is really a money saver because CF usually has low gas prices anyway and then you save 10 cents on top of that price.


You also earn free drinks and snacks as you fill up your tank.  I have earned free soft drinks, energy drinks, protein bars, various snacks…and they have renovated most CF stores so they are very enjoyable to visit and they have a great selection of snacks, drinks and meals.

*I do not receive any type of compensation from these apps.  I just wanted to share apps that have been helpful to me.*

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What are your favorite reward-earning apps?


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