Essential Oils – Part V

It is astounding how many chemicals we are exposed to every single day.  In hopes of decreasing that number, I have been making some DIY essential oil products for my home.  The internet has so many great resources for essential oils and it can be overwhelming.  I just wanted to write another post to break it down a little and share the products that have been successful for me.  I hope you try some of them and are as pleased as I have been with adopting an essential oil lifestyle.

Hand Soap


Hand Soap : I used the recipe from Happy Mothering.  I got the exact hand soap pump as pictured in the post for $4.99 at TJ Maxx.  I LOVE this hand soap…smells great and makes your hands feel so clean.  A definite success.  I usually pay about $4.99 for each hand soap that I usually buy, so to pay that price for the pump and then I can just refill it for pennies, it’s so worth it.

Carpet Freshener

Carpet Freshener :  This recipe is from the Frugal Girls.  The tip about the parmesan cheese top on a mason jar works like a charm.  You can use any EO that you like.  I am currently using lavender, but can change it as the baking soda is used up.

Dryer Sheets

Dryer Sheets :  I used the recipe from View from the Fridge.  I bought a kitchen towel at Dollar Tree and cut it into little squares.  I used a mason jar to store the liquid and towel squares.  The squares frayed a bit after the first use, but the whole towel didn’t fit in the jar so I have lots of extra squares.  Also, I can just throw them out if they get really bad and buy another towel for $1.  The scent on the clothes after drying them was very subtle, which I like.  Some dryer sheets are just too overpowering for me not to mention they are FULL of chemicals.

Toilet Fizzies

Ice Cube Trays

Toilet Fizzies:  This recipe was from One Good Thing by Jillee.  I bought the ice cube trays from Dollar Tree.  They were plastic with silicone bottoms so that you could easily pop out each fizzy when it was dry.  I put a little bit too much water in mine so they fizzed over the top of the ice cube tray.  They still work fine and they leave a nice clean scent after they fizz.  I bought the citric acid on Amazon .

I buy most of my essential oils from Eden’s Garden .  I have had great luck with this company and they ship quickly.  I have also bought some EOs on Amazon.  Just put the EO you want in the search bar and many choices will appear.  My next DIY is some calming EOs for my dog who has extreme anxiety about fireworks and thunder storms.  Stay tuned for part Vl of my essential oils series. (This post contains affiliate links although the companies I listed within the post have not given me any products to write my post.)

What is your favorite use for essential oils?


  • These look great! I think I’ll try the toilet fizzy ones, but use them in my currently stinky garbage disposal.

  • I haven’t heard of this essential oil company. Mostly doteera or young. Just getting started using oils and there is so much I need to learn. Can’t wait to try some of your ideas.
    candy recently posted…Ice Cream Banana Split PieMy Profile

    • I like this company because it isn’t one of the big companies that has reps all over the place…I can’t say enough about their oils

  • This reminds me of Jessica Alba’s ‘The Honest Company’ which eliminates the harsh chemicals in products that babies are typically exposed to! Another great method to clean the air are plants. They can actually be very simple to take care of and have so many benefits – including making a home look beautiful. These DIY essential oils are just another product to add to making the home cleaner for your health. Thank you.

  • This is wonderful! I love making most of my own products, yet to try making my own soaps but it’s such a great feeling to cut down on chemical exposure, save money AND stop supporting the pharmaceutical companies that make chemical laden products. I love using Baking Soda on rugs and carpets before vacuuming to freshen them. That stuff is magic!

  • I LOVE these ideas!!! I’ve never seen an ice cube tray like that at Dollar Tree; sounds like I need to go shopping, haha!

  • Love EO’s. My favorite way to use them is in the diffuser…Lavender and lemon leaves everyone refreshed! I’ll have to try out some of the things on this list

    • I am thinking of getting a diffuser for my classroom too…I teach kindergarten and I think it would be an awesome addition

  • I can’t live without my essential oils! I love the idea of dryer sheets, a friend of mine sent me a recipe link the other day and I’m keen to get my DIY’er on and make them.

    • I have been using the dryer sheets and I LOVE them…they aren’t overpowering like store bought sheets and they virtually chemical free

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