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I am in a constant struggle to get more protein each day.  I am a carb-a-holic so when I want a snack, I usually reach for or have a craving for something loaded with carbs and not protein.  Not the best choice.  I know that you should have a balance of protein, fat and carbs in whatever you eat so I decided to do a little research on protein bars.  I have been eating them for years.  I have searched high and low for a lower carb option of protein bars, but I haven’t found a low carb bar that tastes good to me.  Most of the bars in this taste test have quite a few carbs, but they are high in protein.  It’s a trade off.

MET-RX BIG 100 Colossal Brownie

MET-RX Colossal Brownie Nutrition Facts

These are my absolute favorite hands down.  They taste like a decadent, yummy brownie.  One bar is 390 calories…yikes…but I usually break it in half for a snack.  They are filling and have 20g of protein in half a bar.  The sugars are 18g, but they are equivalent to most protein bars I have tried.  Colossal Brownies are 3.52 oz.   I don’t think I’ve ever ate a whole one at once, but I assume they could be part of a meal replacement plan.

Balance Bars

Balance Bar Nutrition Facts2

These are a strong runner-up in my review.  I actually eat these more often than the Colossal Brownies because they are available in more mainstream stores.  Balance Bars have all sorts of flavor choices:  caramel nut blast, cookie dough, PB chocolate, chocolate mint and the list goes on.  I currently eat the peanut butter flavor and I love it.  These bars have 200 calories and 15g of protein.  They have 17g of sugar, which is on the high side too.  I have tried a lot of the flavors that they offer and have liked most of them.  Balance Bars are 1.76 oz.

Pure Protein

Pure Protein bar Nutrition Facts3

These bars are definitely my least favorite here.  They have a very protein powdery taste to them if you know what I mean.  I find that most protein powders, no matter the flavor, have a distinct odor and taste to them.  This bar also has that taste.  The sugars are extremely low…1g…but the taste, I feel, suffers because of that.  The protein is 19g and the calories are 190.  If the proteiny taste doesn’t bother you, these may be the bars for you.  I had the dark chocolate coconut for the taste test and didn’t really like it.  I have the double chocolate before and liked those a little better.  Pure Protein bars are 1.76 oz.

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Gatorade Whey Protein Bars

Gatorade Whey Protein Bar Nutrition Facts
Sorry it's sideways

My son eats these and they are his favorite.  He says they taste just like a candy bar…so who wouldn’t love them, right?  They are 2.8 oz with 360 calories…20g of protein and 29g of sugars.  Those sugars and calories are REALLY high, I know.  I would say that this is more of a meal replacement bar OR for someone who is working out at a very high intensity many times a week.  Like I said, he LOVES them.  I had him try the Pure Protein chocolate flavor and he didn’t like those. (Sorry that the nutrition facts are sideways.  When I saved the graphic, it was left to right:(

**I wasn’t given products by any company.  I just wanted to share my nutritional experience with others.  The links that I included above connect to the cheapest prices I have seen for each type of bar.**

Have you found a low sugar, high protein bar that you love?  Please tell me about it:)


  • I haven’t tired any of these. It’s hard for me to always get enough protein as well. I try to start the day with eggs but protein bars are helpful for on the go! I like Luna bars a lot but they don’t have as much protein as the ones you’ve mentioned.

    • I like Luna bars too, but agree…not much protein…I love eggs, but haven’t been able to eat them in over a year:(

  • I haven’t tried any of these but I think I will look into for my husband. He’s diabetic so our meals are usually meat and veggie based and something like this could be a good supplement for him as long as the sugar are carbs are low.

  • I’ve tried Balance bars, and they have so many great flavors. That first brownie bar sounds fantastic. I’d definitely only eat half at a time too. I’ll have to look into the last ones for my boys. Thanks for the reviews!

    • The brownies are unbelieveable…if you like brownies (and I do) you’ll love them

  • I have a grandson who is a picky eater. This would be another great way to make sure he gets some protein. Will share with my daughter.

    • I know that my son thinks the Gatorade bar is like a candy bar so your grandson may enjoy those.

  • I have a hard time getting my protein in especially being vegan and I live on vegan protein bars! Thanks for the review!

    • I didn’t check to see if these were vegan-friendly so I hope you find one that you like.

  • As a nursing mom I am always hungry. I have tried a few protein bars but am always on the lookout for more! Thanks for testing these out so I didnt have to!

  • it’s crazy how many carbs & how little protein are actually in protein bars! lol great review! i know this isn’t a bar, but have you tried the premier protein shakes? we love them! they are super low in carbs. typically 30 g protein & 5 g carbs. it’s a go-to for us when we need more protein, but don’t want to go over on carbs (& are just sick of meat ;). we usually grab them at Costco 😉

    • Thanks for the tip…it really bothers me how many carbs are in those bars, but they are better than many junkie alternatives. I personally don’t like those really protein-y bars because they are so dry and have an aftertaste. I’ll have to look into those shakes for my son and I.

  • Thank you for this! It’s actually really overwhelming to try and figure out which bar is best when you’re hungry and trying to read stats, lol.

    -Clarissa @ The View From Here

    • There are soooooo many protein bars out there and it is confusing…glad it was helpful

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