Be Grateful

I started a gratitude journal in August 2015 right about the time I started blogging.  I read about gratitude journaling on, of course, a blog and I loved the essence of it.  That particular blogger, and I am sorry that I don’t remember who it is because it was one the very first blogs I ever read, stated that she wrote “My reality is within my control” on the top of each entry.  (If anyone knows who this is I would love to give them a shout out here so let me know in the comments…thanks!!)  I have done an entry every day since August 12, 2015 and I can’t settle down to sleep without writing my entry.


Every night before bed, I get out my journal and write the date and the heading “My reality is within my control”.  I then list 5 things that I am grateful for from that day.  Sometimes they are big, beautiful, awesome events and sometimes it is the simplest of simple everyday occurrences.  As it says above, there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for!!


Since I have been working in my journal for over a year now, it is beginning to get full.  I was at Target today and I found a great new journal in the Dollar Spot.  It was $3 and a perfect size.  It will be a beautiful continuation of the positive energy from my first journal.

I have to admit that I LOVE new journals and notebooks.  Sometimes I buy them and I don’t even need them:)  This one, however, already has a job and will be used to its fullest.  Other places to get journals are Etsy, Amazon, TJ Maxx, stationery/paper stores, etc.  I loved the look and price of this journal…you can’t beat $3.  (I am not getting any type of compensation for listing any of these retail sources.  I just want to share a great deal that I found:)

Do you write in any type of journal??


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