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There are so many chemicals that we are exposed to on a daily basis…chemicals that we don’t even know and, therefore, don’t know how they are affecting us.  I have been trying to change my cleaning products in order to lessen the chemical load on my family.  Many times, these products are more expensive, but I have found a place to buy them and actually save money.  I’d like to introduce Grove Collaborative.

I have fallen in love with the Mrs. Meyers products.  I use the honeysuckle cleaner in my bathroom and it smells wonderful for several days.  It smells clean, not like chemicals.  I use the honeysuckle and lemon verbena scents and love both of them.  I have used the surface cleaner, dish soap and powder cleanser and have also ordered the tub and tile cleaner and toilet cleaner; can’t wait to try them out.

Grove Collaborative is a website that has all natural cleaners and personal hygiene products.  You can join and get free VIP shipping AND the products are cheaper than buying them in the store.  I haven’t been able to find some of the products in my food store or big box store so this is a great one stop shop to get all the products I need.  You can also set up a recurring subscription so the products are sent to you monthly, bimonthly, etc.  The customer service has been great too.

Use this link to get a $10 credit and start your Grove Collaborative journey today.  Anyone who is a member of the collaborative gets their own link in order to spread the word about the service and then they can get their own $10 credit if anyone signs up.  I have ordered from this site for several months and have had a great experience so I wanted to share with others.


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