Guest Post: Essential Oils for Wellness

This is a link to a guest post I did for Norine Vander Hooven.  If at all possible, please come back to this page to leave comments.  It would be greatly appreciated.  Norine is a licensed social worker and her blog is centered on mental health, mindfulness and self care.

Essential Oils for Wellness


  • I love the “recipes.” We got an infuser recently that changes colors, too. So soothing with some lavender. Highly recommended!

  • I cannot express how happy I’m with the natural fragrances. I was looking for some exotic scents when I came across the fragrances of Health & Beauty Natural Oils. I used them along my base and the fragrances helped me to get a good sleep and I woke up fresh and smelled heavenly too! If you are also looking for the best “Essential Oils” so you visit here

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