Healthy Dessert: A Love Story

Let’s cut to the chase…have you tried Halo Top ice cream?  If you haven’t, what are you waiting for?  I had heard about this delectable, healthy dessert, but had never tried it.  I bought a pint last weekend and I am OBSESSED.

What makes Halo Top healthy???  See below direct from the Halo Top website.


so where’s the sugar?

In short, we use organic stevia. Stevia is a plant native to Paraguay that’s been used to sweeten foods and beverages for more than 200 years. And, because it’s so tasty, we use it as a sugar replacement. We also use Erythritol, which though it has a rather scientific-sounding name, is actually another all-natural sweetener found in fruits like pears and grapes. Though it’s technically a sugar alcohol, it’s unlike the others because erythritol doesn’t affect blood glucose or cause bloating.

This product is also a great source of protein…24 grams per pint for all flavors.  These are the nutrition facts from the mint chocolate chip flavor.

Flavors include vanilla bean, chocolate, lemon cake, mint chip, pistachio – all 240 calories per pint; strawberry, chocolate mocha chip, birthday cake, sea salt caramel, oatmeal cookie, chocolate almond crunch, black cherry – all 280 calories per pint; peanut butter cup, cookies and cream, s’mores – all 320 calories per pint; chocolate chip cookie dough, red velvet – both 360 calories per pint.

I have tried mint chip, birthday cake, and oatmeal cookie…LOVE them all.  The name of each flavor perfectly describes the taste and cannot wait to try the others.  I was also excited to try cookies and cream, but was disappointed.  It tasted NOTHING like cookies and cream:(

I am receiving no compensation or products for this post.  I reached out to the company and they said that there are occasional coupons if you sign up for their newsletter on their website.  You can all find giveaways on their Facebook page.

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The ONLY drawback that I found was that when I ate a whole pint of mint chip at one sitting (which is less calories than 1 cup of some full fat ice creams), I had some stomach distress.  I can be sensitive to milk protein so getting ALL that protein at once didn’t work for my digestion.  I then ate 1/2 of the container the next time I bought it and I was fine.  Just wanted everyone to know about that in case you too have milk protein sensitivity.



  • I’ve had Halo before there Ice Cream is Ookay! I didn’t try all the flavors just vanilla and chocolate and strawberry lol. I want to try the Mint.

  • I LOVE Halo Top! I haven’t found a flavor I didn’t like! I’m on a mission to try them all!!

  • I need to try these. I LOVE ice cream but there is so much sugar and so much fat/cal. I don’t know that I could convince my hubby to make the switch, but I’d be willing to try it!

    • I have tried other ice cream-like desserts (i.e. – Arctic Zero) and this is SOOOOOOOO much better. Give a try Kristin, you’ll love it.

    • Wow!!! I haven’t had trouble finding it. My food store carries about 12-15 different flavors:)

  • I love halo top but even at the grocery stores where they are supposed to have it, it’s usually not available! I love the chocolate and lemon cake – want to try the mint chip if it’s ever in stock!

    • Someone else commented that their store never can keep it in stock too. My store always has it and they carry 12-15 different flavors.

  • I have never heard of this ice cream but it sounds so delicious! Hello birthday cake?! Yes please. They have the most creative flavours too! YUM!

    • It is sooooo good…there are enough other flavors that are delish so one miss is okay:)

    • OHHHHHH bummer…I had some dairy sensitivities for several years so I know how that feels. What is your go-to dessert??

  • I’ve seen this ice cream but haven’t tried it. I’m definitely going to get it next time. Wow! Only 60 calories for 1/2 a cup. Can’t beat that.

    • I was just at the store and they only had strawberry and black cherry, which I wasn’t digging. I bought light ice cream and I felt like such a cheater because it has low calories, but not as low as Halo Top:(

  • I just discovered the Halo ice cream not too long ago. I absolutely love it! The consistency and the taste are all spot on!

    • LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it….I just bought S’mores and Pistachio today at the store…looking forward to giving them a try:)

  • I’m going to have to give this a try! I always feel guilty after indulging, but I think the lower sugar/calorie content will help 🙂

    • They are so good…I tried pistachio last night and it is yummy too.

  • Hey, I’m not really good at eating healthy but these sound really tasty. Going to have to give them a try (:

  • YUM! omg I heard amazing things about this ice cream. my friends were big into fitness and counting macros and all that stuff and I heard that this stuff was LEGIT! but I realized that there was no way to find it in the store! I’m totally going to order some!

    • I’ve heard from a lot of readers that they can’t find it or it’s sold out, my food store always has a selection. I feel grateful for that after hearing about others’ Halo Top struggles.

  • This ice cream sounds perfect!! I’m all about finding a healthy option for satisfying my sweet tooth, but without feeling the regret of a huge sugary plate.

    • Sooooo good…I recently tried the Smores and PB cup, but mint chip is still my favorite:)

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