My Continuing Yoga Journey

I recently wrote a post on the start of my yoga journey.  It’s been a couple weeks so I wanted to give an update since I’ve taken several more steps on my journey.  I hope this inspires others who are have been hesitant to try yoga to take the first steps on their journey.

Online Resources

First of all, one of my awesome readers mentioned that she did yoga with a Youtuber named Adriene.  I love when readers leave suggestions in the comments because it is helpful to me and I like to leave comments that are helpful to others.  It’s such a great community.  I gave Yoga with Adriene a look and now I am OBSESSED!!!  I feel like she is my new best friend…lol.

She is uplifting and chill.  I love her calm voice and playful nature.  The speed is just right…I can’t say enough about her awesomeness!!!  I am a kindergarten teacher and I have my students do yoga every day in class and I have incorporated some of Adriene’s shorter classes in our day.

Yoga Props

I have the tightest hips and IT bands on Earth.  My hip issues are the cause of said tightness.  I ordered some yoga blocks (affiliate link) which help support my legs in certain poses because I don’t have as much flexibility in those poses.  They are a life saver.


Yes, as I’ve said above, I need to modify some of the poses.  This is partly due to my hip issues and tightness AND partly because I’ve just started the yoga journey.  I know that once I become more familiar with the poses and strengthen and stretch the muscles, it will become easier.  I found some wonderful resources for modifications.

courtesy of Yoga Journal website

My FAVORITE active wear retailer Athleta has a blog where I found a great post with wonderful visuals and suggestions.   When I googled yoga modifications, I found some great images from Yoga Journal.  They were exactly what I was looking for and it was easier to find them in Google images than their actual website.  The Yoga Journal website has a plethora of information on yoga and is a great overall resource.

I will continue to update my journey here.  Most of all if you have any more suggestions or ideas, please keep them coming.  As a result of your comments, I have learned so much from my readers and love the community we have.  Thank you. Namaste.


  • I love yoga! I also watch Yoga with Adriene and other YouTube videos – they’re so helpful. 🙂 I’m definitely going to save that Yoga Journal website and check it out later! Great post and thank you for sharing! <3

    • LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Adriene…my new best friend…so glad I found someone who I connect with who motivates me to do the yoga practice. Thank you Tami:)

  • I started doing Yoga about a year ago and I also use Adrienne. I’m obsessed too – she’s amazing. I love the way she allows you a little room to interpret the postures and movements in your own way.

    • I love how she can laugh at herself and puts a little fun into it…she’s the best.

  • I enjoy yoga but have not practiced in a long time. Time to drag my mat out! Sounds like you’re making excellent progress!

    • It’s so true…you can find any type of instructional video on Youtube. My next challenge is Qi Gong.

    • Try Yoga with Adriene…she is really great and she often says do what feels good for you so there is no pressure or stress about it. LOVE HER!!!

  • Loved this! Thanks for the great tip about those online yoga videos. I really only do yoga in class, so it will be good to do some at home too 🙂 Cheers, Mary Jane

    • If you do yoga in a class, you will find lots of videos on Youtube that will fit your skill level:)

  • I’d love to try yoga but i think I’d need to do it with someone at first to understand it abit more because I am disabled. Around my area though, there is no where to learn and practice it.
    I loved your post however, really informative especially your part about modifications for your hip!x

    • If you google modified yoga, I’m sure you could find some yoga classes on youtube that would work for you. I sometimes watch the videos before I do them so I know what to expect:)

  • I love yoga and try to practice at least twice a week. Stick with it and you’ll be incredibly flexible in no time!

    • I’ve already noticed a change in my flexibility and being able to hold certain postures…I am obsessed with it:)

    • I look so forward to yoga now each day…try to make the time to get back to it… as you know, it’s a great feeling:)

  • I’ve been meaning to get into yoga for a while now. I need to start soon!

  • Yoga with Adriene is great! I really have to get back to doing yoga, it just makes such a big difference in my mental and physical state.

  • Good for you!!! And thanks for the encouragement! One thing on my Life List is to get into yoga. I’ve been to a few classes here and there but nothing consistent. I think it does wonders to mental health!

    • Believe me…I am not graceful at doing yoga, but Yoga with Adriene makes you feel like you can do it.

    • Blankets have really helped me sit in a cross-legged position too…I stack a couple and sit on them and I can actually comfortably sit cross-legged. I have hip issues too.

  • Thanks so much for the info on Adriene’s Youtube channel. I just subscribed! I did yoga regularly for a while, using the Gaiam DVDs. I have fallen off with regular practice and think this would be very motivating to keep up with. I know I feel much happier and relaxed when I do yoga regularly.

    • Don’t you love her!!! I have been doing her videos for about a month and I am obsessed. I’ve already noticed improvements in my practice. Another great yogi is Allie from the Journey Junkies:)

  • Yoga has been my life line this year! It’s so great to see others on the same journey. If you are interested there’s a facebook group called “Live Your Journey” hosted by Allie at the Journey Junkie. People post inspiring things and it’s great, but the best part is when you have a question and aren’t sure how to do a modification or what’s wrong about your form, you can go there and answer and people are so kind!

    • Thank you so much…I do need modifications sometimes because I have a hip issue so that is perfect!!!

    • Thanks for the recommendation…always good to have a variety of sources:)

  • Bookmarking all of these resources as I’m a complete yoga newb. I never know quite what to do with those yoga blocks!

  • I’ve been thinking about doing more yoga, so this post came at a great time! Thank you for these tips – I’ll definitely check out Adriene’s channel!

  • I have been thinking about starting yoga, so this post came at a great time. This are all great tips – I will definitely check out Adriene’s channel!

  • I think beginners underestimate the importance of modifications. The first few times I tried yoga I was so determined to do the poses just as my instructor and some of the other members of my class. Huge mistake. I could have seriously injured myself.

    • I have learned over the months that I have done yoga that modifications are key for growing my practice

    • I have a serious hip issue that limits my flexibility and using props has helped so much.

  • I suffer from anxiety and could use some relaxation techniques. I have been wanting to try yoga.

    • Try Yoga with Adriene…she is the BEST and she is so accepting and supportive. YOu will LOVE It.

  • I recently found a girl online doing yoga, but I can’t remember her name. I loved how she taught for super entry level like myself. Yoga is a great way to relieve stress and work on your core.

    • Was it Yoga with Adriene or Allie Van Fossen? Adriene is my favorite!!!!

  • I love the effect of yoga on the mind and body. I’ve only been doing it for a couple months and I’m really enjoying it.

  • Friends keep recommending pregnancy yoga for me and I think I’ll check it out. I’ve gotta keep my body happy and healthy while carrying this child 🙂

  • I have always wanted to get into yoga but never gave it a try yet. Maybe it something I need to do as well. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  • I still have yet to try yoga. It sounds like it would be a great thing to add to my routine.

  • I used to love yoga but haven’t done it in a long time. I need to find a class and get started again!!

  • I have been wanting to spend more time dedicated to exercising! I would love to learn more about yoga and take a few classes!

  • I really need to try to include more yoga in my daily routines. I have found when I do this, I am much happier.

  • I think my 8-year-old is going to be my yoga buddy. She expressed interest and normally sports aren’t her thing. I know yoga will do us both a lot of good.

    • I teach kindergarten and do yoga in my classroom…I’m getting certified next summer too

    • I did YOga with Adriene for several months before going to a studio and it helped soooooo much.

  • I love the props for your yoga poses that you have found. I often feel uncomfortable when I am sitting doing yoga. I think these will work well for me.

    • You would not believe how much a meditation cushion helps with sitting in yoga…give it a try

  • It’s so awesome that your doing so great with yoga! I’ve always wanted to get into it – it seems like such a great activity in so many ways. Loved reading this – it’s getting me inspired to try it haha!

  • I have not tried yoga yet. Oh wait! I actually did when I was pregnant hahaha

    But that was looong ago! Thanks for sharing these info, I think I am ready t give it another try 😉

  • Thank you so much for this post! I have been taking yoga on and off for about a year, but I rarely practice at home. This will give me the perfect opportunity to work on perfecting some poses

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