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I just changed the header on my blog because I felt like my former header didn’t totally embrace my new focus on a healthy body and soul.   My blog has always been a place of happiness and support for myself and others.  I have recently started a yoga and meditation journey and wanted the blog to convey that added dimension.  So my tag line used to be “happiness, wellness, fitness, nutrition”  and now it is “all things that keep your body and soul healthy, happy, mindful and fit”.  I like the new tagline much better.

I am a bit disappointed that the text is not as bright and readable as the original graphic:(  It still conveys the message that I want to get across with the inclusion of my actual happy place…the beach.  Also, I think that the posts and information written should be the most important aspect of the blog and nice graphics are just the sprinkles and cherry on top.

As for including posts about a healthy soul,  I have been reading some great books on mindfulness and spirituality.  Organized religion is not my jam.  It hasn’t been for a very long time.  I have nothing against anyone who feels a strong bond to organized religion, it just isn’t for me. Spirituality comes in many different wrappers; it isn’t exclusively a belief and worship of God.  I believe that there is a higher power, but I think of it as a positive energy, including guardian angels.  That is my personal belief.

I have read several books by Gabby Bernstein.  I like her books because she basically says that you can call “it” whatever you believe in…God, spirit, guide, energy, etc.  No label is the RIGHT label, it’s whatever you believe.  I love that because everyone does have their own belief system and no one should be telling you that your belief is right or wrong.

Another recent read was You Are a Bad Ass  by Jen Sincero.  Another great book, which also speaks of being spiritual without putting a label on who, what or where you worship.  I grew up going to church every Sunday and always thought it was so strange when my friends did not.  Now that I am older, I have come to the realization that you don’t need to attend a service in a building on Sunday to be spiritual or to be a good person.  I feel it is much more important to be a thoughtful, caring, supportive, loving person.  Sitting in a pew doesn’t write you a ticket to heaven.

So, that is the new and improved My Happier Place blog.  I will be writing a post on the Gabby Bernstein book I am reading, Spirit Junkie, in the near future.  It takes awhile to read her books because she gives you meditations, journal writing and deep thinking exercises to do.  It is definitely worth the time and effort.

What is your go-to mindfulness, good for the soul practice??  I’d love to hear from you.


  • I disagree – I believe church community and Sunday attendance benefits my soul and spirit in a big way and very necessary.

    • The opinions in my post are my personal opinions and I realize that others have different opinions. Church didn’t personally work for me, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work for others. Whatever brings peace to your soul is what’s best for you:)

    • All the books that I have read lately have been awesome. So much great information out there.

  • I love Gabby Bernstein! It’s so funny that you point out her clarification on God, The Universe, Spirit, etc…that was one of the first things that I clung to with her as well. I was raised Roman Catholic but was never sure that fit how I truly felt and thus, always fought my religion and the use of the word God in anything I read or heard and assumed it just wasn’t for me. When she said that, I got a whole new view on my spirituality and how those other things CAN have a place in my life/mind/beliefs.

    • I agree…it was like she wrote the exact things I was thinking. Thanks for your great comment:)

  • this looks great! i thought your other design looked great too but the beach and tranquility of the water is very calming 🙂
    i attend church and feel “better” when i go, but if I skip a day i can still find peace and happiness and rather than sitting in a pew, standing, and kneeling. you can still talk and connect with the Powers Above without being in a particular building!

    • I TOTALLY agree Justine. I love how you explained your feelings on the topic while still validating my feelings. Thank you:)

    • I sooooo agree…I like how your explained that. I’d have to say that about myself too. Thanks Lauren.

    • Her books are great, but you do have to put in a lot of work (which is definitely beneficial). I am liking The Universe Has Your Back the best:)

    • I was thinking that, but I made it on Canva and it doesn’t have the shadowing for its lettering:(

  • Everyones out look on how they should feel and be happy are different. The path you take to get there will be different from mind and well and beliefs.
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    • So true Candy…as long as we are happy and feel fulfilled, I think that is the most important thing.

  • I notice that you chose photos of the ocean for your post. Ever since I was a young child, staring out at the ocean has been a way for me to draw enormous peace and to really feed my soul. I think there’s something about the enormity of the vast ocean and the expansive sky above, as well as the palpable feel of the ocean waves and tides. It always helps me to feel connected with a power so much greater than myself — but a power, nonetheless, of which I am a vital and important part.
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    • I LOVE the ocean…I could just sit and watch the waves all day. I also love the sound of the waves crashing on the shore. We were recently on vacation in SC and our condo was right on the beach. I LOVED the sound of the waves at night…so peaceful.

  • i agree spirituality comes in many different wrappers and we all need to practice what makes us feel whole. and cheers to allowing your site to grow and change with you. my web designer told me my site was like birthing a baby, it will grow and change just like a child and even take on a life of its own.

  • Like the new concept…you sure as hell can’t have a healthy body without a content soul. And you’ve inspired me to pull out my Gabby Bernstein books. For some reason, even though I love meditation, Gabby Bernstein doesn’t resonate with me as much as I think she should. But I still always get something out of reading her books.

    • I agree with you…that is so funny because I kind of feel the same way…I do get info from Gabby and she makes me think, but I don’t get as much as I think I should. I guess that is just part of the journey…you learn from all different resources and take what you need.

  • Love the changes and new mindset you are entering with your updated blog! I love your mantra – totally agree that working on being kind and loving is so important. Excited to see where this journey takes you!


  • I love the improvements you made! I’m also more spiritual than religious. I feel I should be able to pick and choose bits and pieces of what I want to believe, question what I don’t understand or feel doesn’t make sense, and rely on myself for change. However, both my parents and my husband are religious and I have respect for all beliefs. I will definitely have to check out these books! Thanks for sharing!

    • I love how you explained your beliefs…I feel that that is what I believe also. I don’t always understand some religions, but feel that if they work for others, then I need to be respectful of their culture and beliefs. Thanks for your kind words.

  • I absolutely love the way you explained all that! I had never really found the right words to say exactly what you wrote. Amazing post, will definitely be coming back! <3

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