That Yoga Journey? It Continues

That yoga journey…yeah the one I’ve written about several times on my blog…well it continues!!!  Every week I have learned something new about this wonderful body and soul exercise.  I am still a beginner, but I want to share the things I have learned in hopes that it helps other beginner or advanced yogis.

journey junkie

I continue to LOVE Yoga With Adriene…it has become my go-to and I can’t wait to do it each day.  A new find is The Journey Junkie, which is another great yoga website that has helpful Youtube yoga videos.  While Yoga with Adriene is very easy going and less structured…Allie from The Journey Junkie is a little more structured and a smidge more serious.  Each yoga instructor is a bit different, but they are both awesome in their own ways:)

As is the case with YWT, I learned about TJJ from a reader’s comment on my blog.  My blog readers have become my best resource!!!  The Journey Junkie has an awesome Facebook group called Live Your Journey.  You can join the group and get great daily inspiration, support and yoga education. It is such a positive, uplifting FB community.

yoga wheel

My newest tidbit of yoga news is the yoga wheel.  I learned about this prop from Live Your Journey and TJJ.  I haven’t purchased one yet, but have been researching them online.  If you haven’t heard of a yoga wheel, which I hadn’t heard of before last week, Allie has a great post on how to use them in your yoga practice.

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mat spray

Finally, it you have or will be purchasing a yoga mat, you’ll definitely want to keep it clean and fresh smelling.  I do most of my yoga at home, but if you go to a yoga studio, you will be placing your mat on the floor where others have put their mats.  This means dirt, germs, and probably other yuck:(  I made this mat spray and I LOVE it.  It is all natural, smells wonderful and kills germs.  Give it a try…I use it for my yoga mat and my gym bag.

I hope that you are enjoying my yoga journey series as much as I am enjoying the actual journey.  The more I learn, the more I want to discover about yoga.  Finally, keep those comments and resources coming.

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  • I am doing basic pregnancy yoga right now, but want to continue after baby is born to relieve stress and to stretch my muscles. Which we all know is needed after having a baby!

    • Good for you…I’m sure you’ll enjoy it after you have your baby too. Make sure you have a bouncy seat or exersaucer so that the baby can sleep while you’re doing your yoga:)

    • I was totally intrigued by the yoga wheel too…google it and you’ll get a great idea of how it’s used.

  • I really need to make a mat spray for my yoga mat. I do yoga at home, but still… it’s should definitely be cleaned. Especially since I’m thinking I’ll check out a yoga studio nearby soon.

  • I keeping saying that I want to start yoga but then I don’t. Maybe I should just try a DVD first to break the ice.

  • yessss to mat spray! omg… its a life save- literally! I basically use this same mixture but i add some tea tree oil since its a natural cleanser and i LOVE the way it smells.
    i have no tried a yoga wheel, but i have blocks and a strap to help me get into poses better! i’m going to have to look at getting a yoga wheel!
    justine recently posted…May GoalsMy Profile

    • I love my yoga blocks…couldn’t yoga without them. I love tea tree oil also…it is good for so many things.

  • I love reading about yoga journeys! Thanks for sharing yours. I really want to get a yoga wheel as well. I have been waiting until I am done with my training, which is this weekend, and I am going to buy one as a graduation present to officially becoming a yoga teacher. Thanks for sharing!

    • Congratulations on finishing your yoga training…so awesome. I think that is a great gift to give yourself!!!

  • I’m going to have to make or buy a good mat spray! I’m such a huge yoga fan. I go once or twice a week (usually on Friday’s and sometimes Monday’s) and it’s such a great way to start or end my week. I always walk out feeling so refreshed and connected to my own body.

    • I agree!!! I’ve only been doing yoga at home, but it makes me feel awesome!!! There is a yoga studio near me that has a gentle yoga stretch class that I really want to try.

  • I have a yoga wheel and love it! I can’t even begin to fathom how some people balance on the thing while standing, but it’s awesome for deepening backbends and having a bit more stability when trying different reclined poses.

    • I can’t wait to try it…I’ve read and seen so much about them:)

    • I can’t wait to give it a try…if you google it, there is tons of info!!!!

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