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I am absolutely beyond excited to open my new Etsy shop:  Bead Happiness by Kim.  A little backstory on this new endeavor.  I am a full-time kindergarten teacher and I do not work during the summer.  Well, I actually do work…it’s a job title called MOM.  I love that I am available for my 14 year old so that he can be shuttled to the golf course and to friends’ houses.  Many parents dread summer because they are home with their children and I love summer for that specific reason.

i need a new job

I have been wanting to explore the job market because I am unhappy at my current school.  The details aren’t overly important, but it is a very toxic environment where the principal plays favorites and it’s like being back in high school…ugh!!!  I have many years dedicated to employment in this district so to go to another district is almost impossible.  I am at the highest step of the pay scale and most districts want to hire at the low end so I’m in a pickle.  Also, I have professional status in my district and if I went somewhere else it would take 3 years + 1 day to attain professional status.  In the meantime, they could fire you at any time in those first 3 years.  I need job stability…before I know it, my son will be off (sob! sob!) to college.

Okay…so what does this all have to do with an Etsy shop called Bead Happiness by Kim???  Well….I put it out to the Universe that I wanted a sign for exploring a new job venture or to stay put and carry on.  My sign for exploring a new job (don’t’s really what I chose) was any Michael Jackson song.  My sign for staying put was a robin.  Can I tell you that I heard about 8 MJ songs in a two week span!!!!  How many robins??  1!!  I took this as a good time to explore other positions.

I applied for a teaching job online and got a “you have outstanding credentials, but we gave the position to someone who didn’t cost as much” reply.  During this wait time, I made myself a meditation mala, which is a type of necklace that has 108 beads and a teacher/guru bead.  It is used to focus the mind during meditation and is also a lovely necklace.  I had the best time making that mala.  I even posted pictures of it to a Facebook group that I am in.

divine intervention

The responses from people within the FB group were so positive and supportive.  The reason I made a mala is because I couldn’t find one online that I was truly in love with.  Then I got the idea, hey….I bet others feel the same way as I do.  I can make customized malas and sell them on Etsy!!  Although the signs were numerous for finding a new job, I didn’t realize they may be pointing me in the direction of a different type of job.  A job that is actually a passion and not a grind.   Voila…Bead Happiness by Kim was born!!

bead happiness by kim:  healing crystals

I have done a lot of research on different healing crystal gemstones and chose beads according to the healing I desire in my life.  Choosing beads that complement each other in color in an absolute joy.  I love finding beautiful pendants to use as the central teacher/guru bead.  Sometimes I start with the guru bead and match the necklace beads accordingly.  Sometimes I have the necklace beads and then choose a guru bead that complements accordingly.  Although I do not have a huge amount of listings, I have ordered a bunch of beads to make malas and I am taking custom orders too.

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Thank you for taking the time to listen to my ramblings about my newest endeavor.  PLEASE visit my shop and let me know what you think.  If you have friends who you think would enjoy my offerings, please direct them to Bead Happiness by Kim.


  • I know exactly what you mean by having a awful principal, I had one too. I ended up needing to retire because of medical issues (because her toxic environment made my illness worse). I think the beads are great. Good luck.
    Heather @ Kraus House Mom recently posted…Honestly? Now a Broken Toe?My Profile

  • It takes a lot of courage to start a new venture! I know the excitement and anxiety that comes with it. I pray for the success of your business. 🙂

  • I am glad you have found something that you love and are passionate about. These handmade malas will be perfect for other people who can’t find the perfect mala.

  • Gorgeous pieces. I love Etsy so this is definitely cause for celebration for you! I hope it goes wonderfully.

  • My attention was drawn to the sodalite, I do have almost the same piece. I have the jade color one and I love wearing it over a plain shirt. Those mala’s looks fab!

  • Love these beautiful pieces so much! Once my mom has collected a lot of beads. And later, she made some necklace from that. These beads are really beautiful I need to check Etsy shop to look out these beads. These are beautiful and their color is mesmerizing.

  • I love to support Etsy shops whenever I can and these pieces look beautiful. Heading over to see what else there is.

  • I do believe the signs were there for you. It is funny how there are clues that we don’t put together right away but it all makes sense in the end. The healing crystal gemstones is something I am becoming more and more interested in for sure. The Bead Happiness By Kim is something I will have to check out and share with my sister who also believes in the healing crystal gemstones. Thanks for sharing your awesome new job and the way you started.

    • Yes…once you put it all together…there it is!!! Thank you Rebecca

  • Congrats on opening up your bead shop. I believe in finding out happiness and doing the things we love. I will go and check out your shop, I’m an Etsy junky.

  • I worked in private school before coming here and I hear you with favorites, it’s stressful]
    . Good luck on your etsy shop, those bead creations are great.

  • I’d love to support your store next time I want to order something like these malas. They’re so pretty! Best of luck, you have a good hand/eye for it!

  • nice work. I like the designs, I hope you’ll be able to sell more of this, good luck to your new business.

  • The necklace looks so pretty! I am happy you found an income generating hobby. It just amazes me when I see mommies that are really crafty like you. I wish I some little creativity in me.

    • It is hard…hoping I can make a little money with my side hustle

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