Wanderlust 108 Boston for Yoga Lovers

I attended the Wanderlust 108 festival today in Boston and I can’t even express to you how awesome it was. It was supposed to rain all day and the bright sun came out giving a lovely glow all around the festival. The festival was held at the DCR Hatch Shell, which is where the Boston Pops perform on 4th of July. The setting could not have been more glorious and the energy was so positive and uplifting.

So let me go way back to before this festival came to town.  I was debating whether I was going to go.  I am a HUGE fan of Yoga with Adriene on Youtube and I follow her on Instagram and Facebook.  There was a post on her Instagram saying she was coming to Boston.  Wait!!!  What??!!  She’s coming HERE!!!  The post also said that if you emailed her “Find What Feels Good” peeps you would be put into consideration for a free ticket to the festival.  So after hyperventilating (not really), I sent off an email saying how much I loved Adriene and how she is the reason I got into yoga.

Well, I got an email back saying I was being offered a ticket.  Wow!!!  Not only was Adriene coming to Boston, but she gave me a ticket too.  So I headed down to Boston early this morning with me, myself and I.  I knew it was going to be a good day when I met some yogis in the parking garage and we all walked over to the festival together.  I checked in AND got a FRONT ROW SPOT for my mat.  Yesssssss!!!!


This was billed as a “Mindful Triathlon”, the first and only one ever.  The first leg of the triathlon was a 5k run/walk, which I couldn’t participate in because I have some hip issues.  If I did the 5k, I wouldn’t have been able to do yoga and yoga was my reason for being there.  While most people were 5k-ing, I visited the Kula market, which had lots of free samples, food, yoga inspired clothes & jewelry and the Adidas souvenir tent.  You didn’t even need to bring any food because there were so many free samples, including Late July and Yasso frozen yogurt.


Adriene did a 75-minute yoga class, which was so awesome.  I love her style and have done many of her Youtube videos at home so it was the perfect flow for me.  She is very knowledgeable and also very funny so I appreciated her addition of little jokes here and there.  Adriene is compassionate and accepting and wants everyone to be comfortable in their practice no matter what level they are at.  After her class, there was a 25 minute meditation by Enrique Collazo.  It was a perfect ending to the practice with the breeze blowing off the Charles River.  Just perfect!!!


After the meditation, Adriene made sure to take pictures and talk with all her fans.  She was humble, loving and just downright awesome.  So glad I got to interact with her.  If you haven’t experienced a Yoga with Adriene class, click here.  You will not be disappointed.

The Wanderlust 108 festival will be visiting Brooklyn and Washington, DC in September along with many worldwide locations.  If you love yoga, check it out.


  • Sounds like this is a pretty cool event. I have never done yoga mostly because I am the least flexible person you’ll ever meet. I think it would be fun though to get together and do something like this. Put our differences aside and just have some fun.
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  • What a great sounding festival for yoga lovers, I am going to have to check out all the places they are heading to and see if any are close, I used to love Yoga so might be nice to pop in.

  • This is awesome! There’s just one huge yoga fest in my area and it benefits a cancer charity. I would love to see more outdoor yoga activities as I really enjoy it and I think more people would participate if they saw persons of all ages, shapes and sizes practicing yoga.

    • That sounds so awesome and what a great cause…I too wish there were more of these festivals in my area.

  • What a fun event! I haven’t done yoga in forever but it doesn’t look like this is coming to Chicago.

  • I’ve done yoga once, and actually loved it, but then a lot of people wanted to do ZUMBA. I would definitely love to give yoga another try. Congrats on your free ticket and your chance to meet Adriene!

    • I LOVE yoga and Adriene is the reason…watch some of her videos.

  • This sounds so cool! What a fun and mindful event. I bet the yoga class was invigorating.

  • It’s so cool that you got to meet Adriene! This sounded like an awesome time. It’s really cool that so many yoga lovers came out!

  • This seems to be a fantastic event for yoga enthusiasts. I have to admit I have never tried yoga. I have friends and family who do so I will be letting them in on this. Hopefully an event would be held in an area close to them so they can attend.

  • This sounds like such a wonderful event. I really want to get into yoga again but it can be intimidating to get started. This has definitely inspired me to give a try.

    • Try Yoga with Adriene at home…that was what I did:) I did it for several months before going to a studio and I felt so much more at ease when I did the studio class. It’s free on Youtube.

  • Looks like it was a great event. A perfect experience of Yoga and meditation. It really helps if the teacher is helpful and goes out of their way to make everyone comfortable.

  • sounds like a fun fedhstival and it looks like you had fun! I’ll check to see if they are coming to San Antonio. Thanks for sharing!

  • What an incredible festival!! This sounds like such a fun time! I don’t do enough yoga – I always tell myself I’ll do it more though! I would love to check this out!

  • I’ve only done yoga once but I did enjoy it. I live in the D.C. area I will look up this event.

  • This looks like such a wonderful experience. I really want to get into mediation and I would love to learn in a place like Wanderlust.

  • This looks so amazing! I just looked up Wanderlust for my area (Toronto), and I missed it; it was in June. I’m going to remember this though as I love working out at a big event like this. So fun!

    • You should have brought the baby:) There were lots of little ones there.

  • I’ve done some of her yoga videos and have really enjoyed them. It’s so cool you got to attend this event, especially since she’s the reason you got into yoga!

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