Introduction to Solar Plexus Chakra Manipura

Chakra is the Sanskrit word for circular wheels of energy, which are in and around our bodies. The 7 chakras line up in the center of our bodies. Chakras 8 through 12 are connected to the soul, the divine and the cosmos (   The third chakra is the solar plexus chakra Manipura.

Solar Plexus Chakra manipura

Sanskrit name: Manipura

Association: human consciousness, seat of words, center of friendship and personal power, “gut feelings”

Imbalances: low self-worth, inability to set or keep boundaries, being co-dependent, lack of self-control, depression, anxiety, addiction

Symbol: lotus with 10 petals to represent 10 pranas; inverted triangle in middle to represent awakening and unfolding

Color: yellow

Element: Fire

Location: between navel and solar plexus

Healing Stones to balance, heal and cleanse the solar plexus chakra: amber, citrine, lemon quartz, yellow jasper, yellow tourmaline, Tiger’s eye

Essential Oils to support solar plexus chakra: rosewood, rosemary, frankincense, sandalwood, rose, myrrh, chamomile

Organs connected to solar plexus chakra: stomach, liver, pancreas, digestive system, adrenal gland, large intestine

Strengthening solar plexus chakra:   Dhanurasana (Bow Pose), Virabhadrasana I (Warrior I pose), Virabhadrasana II (Warrior II pose); eat bananas, sunflower seeds, yellow peppers and cheese; go outside in the sunshine

Here are yoga videos from 2 of my favorite yogis:

Solar Plexus Yoga: Allie Van Fossen

Third Chakra Yoga: Yoga with Adriene


  • I am glad to see there are ways to re-energize an area that could use some work.

  • I know nothing about any of this kind of wellness. Don’t really understand all the chakras and how they work so I leave it up to you to educated me.
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  • I don’t know much about chakras – thanks for the post. I’ll have to look more into it.

  • Yellow is the color of my energy… This is such an important Charka. It really is the seat of your deepest self and convictions and guide you in the times of most trouble.

  • I have actually always wanted to learn more about this. i have heard a few things but it has always intrigued me to learn more!

  • I love essential oils, but the Chakra’s have always confused me. I really like how you spelled it out, and even recommended the best Essential Oils to use for that area!

  • I have heard quite a bit about this, but never really took the time to learn or look into it more. Very interesting!

  • I have done very little yoga. I know it is great to stretch and strengthen but never knew all of this.

  • This is honestly the first time I’ve heard of this and I think it’s interesting. I want to learn more about it and the benefits I may have with this.

    • I am writing about every chakra so be sure to look at my other posts:)

  • I don’t know anything about Chakra so this is really and interesting read. I love rosemary and frankincense essential oils.

  • This was so great to read! I’ve never read something like this, so cool. I’ve never really done yoga but I’ve always kind of wanted to try starting it! Sounds so fun!

  • Interesting read. I never knew that essential oils could be connected. I’m in love with tangerine essential oil, is this associated with anything?

    • All essential oils have a connection to some healing quality or feeling.

  • When I used to do Tae Kwon Do, the solar plexus were a major focus point! It’s so nice to hear of emphasis on the whole body

  • Very interesting post! I know nothing of chakras. I do however enjoy doing yoga and will try those videos!

  • I haven’t had a chance to read much about Chakra. I do like yoga and am looking to get back into in the new year!

  • Very interesting! I don’t know much about the chakras but I’ve heard them mentioned before so it’s good to learn more.

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