Weight Watchers Freestyle Journey

Since my blog is all about happiness, wellness and health, I feel it is important to relay healthy information to my readers.  I am not getting any type of products or payment for this post.  In addition, I just want to share information about something that has worked well for me.  The mission of my blog is to help others by sharing good, healthy stuff!!!  Follow me on my journey with the Weight Watchers Freestyle program.

In May, I had to go to my doctor because I was having dizzy spells.  Most of my appointments were usually with nurse practitioners so I was surprised to get an appointment with my actual doctor.  I hadn’t seen her in several years.  I knew that I had gained weight because we had recently gone on vacation and my shorts and bathing suits from last summer didn’t fit.  My doctor likes to get a weight at every one of her appointments so her nurse had me get on the scale before the appointment.  UGH!!!  It was the heaviest I had ever been:(

My doctor made a comment that my weight was “creeping up”.  I’ll say it is!!  When my husband got home from work I said, “I’m joining Weight Watchers.  Do you want to join me?”  He said yes and that we could go to weigh-ins together.  Yes!!!  Let’s do this.


That was 6 weeks ago and, as a result,  I am happy to say that I am down 16 pounds!!!  Yee-ha!  I had a physical appointment with my nurse practitioner today and she was so impressed with the weight loss.  I have to say that I am too.  It hasn’t always been easy, but now that I am in the groove and routine of it, I love it.  If you are thinking of joining or are a present member, I am going to share some resources and tips that have worked for me.


A girl at one of the meetings told us all about Drizzle Me Skinny  It is my favorite Weight Watchers specific recipe site.  Everything that I have made from her site has been yummy.  They are easy recipes with common ingredients.  I can’t say enough about it.


My other go-to is Enlightened Ice Cream bars.  OMG…so good!!!  The coffee chip, birthday cake, and toasted almond are my favorites.  Coffee chip and birthday cake are 3 points and toasted almond is 2 points.  Furthermore, they are my absolute favorite snack and have gotten me through some tougher days.

Are you doing the Weight Watchers Freestyle program?  What are your go-to meals or snacks?


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