Weight Watchers Freestyle Journey 2

So it was another great weigh in day…I was down again…woo hoo!  It felt really good about it because I had gone away for the weekend and didn’t stay 100% on the program.  I made up for those indiscretions by make lots of good choices until weigh in day.  That is the beauty of the program…they give you extra points that can be used at your own discretion.  If you don’t use all your points each day, you can roll over up to 4 points to the extra point bank.  You can use those points whenever you need them.

Losing Points?

It is great to lose the weight, but as you lose weight they decrease the number of points you get for each day.  That happened this week…I lost a point.  The woman who weighed me in said, jokingly, “Yeah we punish you for losing weight.”  It isn’t that bad because most days I don’t use all my points any way.  As the point allotment goes down, you learn how to swap out items for lesser point items.


25 to 24


One thing that has really helped with this journey is exercise.  My exercise of choice is spinning.  I usually burn around 730 calories per hour of spinning so it gives you a lot of bang for your buck.  I have hip dysplasia so it is one exercise that I can do with no pain.

Iced Coffee

My everyday “treat” is only 3 points.  I get a decaf iced coffee with skim milk and one pump of mocha.  I get this, most days, at Dunkin Donuts and occasionally at Starbucks.  It helps take the edge off any hunger and it is very satisfying.

Turkey Chili

My favorite recipe this week was another Drizzle Me Skinny favorite.  Zero point turkey chili…give it a try.  So yummy and easy to make.

What is your go-to healthy treat during the summer?


  • Yeah for you. Always good to be able to swap out and still stay on track. Will have to try your chili.

    • It’s really not bad because you learn to adjust as you lose.

  • I have been thinking of what exercise I can do to lose weight other than walking and I didn’t think about spinning. So I may look into it if I do sign up for Weight Watchers.

    • I’m thinking of also doing boxing because it’s another exercise that I have always loved.

  • Very interesting!! I was wondering how it worked. I am trying to lose a couple pounds myself and when I saw the commercial for freestyle a kind of peaked my interest. Thank you for sharing your story.

  • Pretty nice place a workout place , and some the shop to refresh you,. Any place it would be your confort that you really love to do.. That is the happier place.

    • Give WW a try…I was so against it and my husband said give it a try and I’m glad that I did.

  • Oh wow it sounds like you are doing so much as part of your journey – I have to admit spinning classes always sound like they could be a fun way to work out.
    Sarah Bailey recently posted…Tips to Help your SEOMy Profile

  • I love ice coffee but never thought about putting a splash of mocha in it. That is my afternoon snack too sometimes.

  • I have discovered the joys of an iced coffee. I am learning to make my own cold brew. However I am addicted to the cold foam.

    • I saw your post and I MUST try that cold foam..it sounds sooooo good.

  • My go healthy treat would be fruit and veggie smoothies. Trying to cut back on fried and carbs. Thanks for sharing!

    • Carbs are definitely my down fall. I really don’t liked fried food so it’s been okay to stay away from that. I found a 3 pt bagel to make; they are usually 8-10+ points.

  • You are doing great! I lost weight recently and I know how hard it is! But keep going! You did a great job!

  • Which iced coffee do you prefer? Starbucks’ or Dunkin Donuts’? I think both are satisfying but Dunkin Donuts’ coffee is much cheaper.

    • I totally agree about the price. Starbucks is so expensive so it’s a once in awhile treat. I want to try the cold foam.

  • I an considering of going back to fitness journey too. I love iced coffee too. Let me check your Turkey chill if I will like it too.

  • I love weight watchers program. It’s worked for me for years.

  • Its really a great idea to plan a treat every day! Its a great way to stop the going of the rails!

  • I know a few people who have had success with weight watchers, it sounds like a great program! I also love spinning 🙂

    • Spinning is the best…I burned 723 calories last night in a class.

  • Congrats on your weight loss! I think this new version of weight watchers sounds amazing! Much less restrictive!!

  • I did WW once a few years ago, had a little success and then did what I always do-gave up… But I did keep some valuable lessons about being able to eat what you want as long as it’s in moderation. I need to get back to it…

    • Try it again…I felt the same way about WW, but Freestyle has really worked for me.

  • My go-to treat is an iced coffee, too! Congratulations on your journey so far. And thank you for sharing. It’s so helpful and relatable.

  • It sounds like you are doing a great job on Weight Watchers! I have lots of family and friends that have or still are doing Weight Watchers. I need to try out that Turkey Chili!

  • Good for you girl. That is awesome. My mom did weight watchers back in the day, and they did a great job with her. Keep up the good work.

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