Weight Watchers Freestyle Journey 3

Wow!!!  It’s been 5 months since I’ve posted…time does fly.  Well, it has obviously been a very busy 5 months.  I am delighted to say that I am….45 pounds lighter!!!  That is correct…forty-five down.  I have to say that WW Freestyle has been an easy weight loss plan for me. I mean no disrespect for anyone who doesn’t like this plan, but I love it and has far surpassed what I thought I’d lose on the program.


During my journey, I have gone down 2 sizes and my husband even demanded I buy new clothes….LOVE that!!  I think the biggest change is that when I do eat something that isn’t particularly good for me, it doesn’t taste as good as I remembered AND sometimes I don’t feel great after eating it so it makes me not want to eat it again.  I am a total sweets lover.  When there is something around that falls into that category, I really stop and think if it is worth the extra points.  Sometimes it is, but most times it isn’t.  Also, some foods that I took for granted before (chicken kebab salad), I now look at as a treat and it is something that is good for me and fits within my eating plan.  The mindset of a healthier eating plan has always been a roadblock for me so I am thrilled that I have internalized the healthful eating mindset.


Another thing that I have discovered on my journey is Pilates reformer classes.  LOVE them.  I have not added a ton of workouts to my schedule while losing the weight.  I know that I need to tone my muscles now and Pilates reformer is perfect for that.  It is very low impact and makes you feel great.  If you have a Club Pilates near you, give it a try.  You can get an introductory class for free and then if you sign up after your intro class, you can get some great deals.  (I receive no compensation from Club Pilates, I just really like it and want others to enjoy it too.)

What is your best weight loss/maintenance tip?


  • Wow, sounds like Weight Watchers Freestyle was a great success for you! Congratulations on your weight loss!

  • Congratulations on the weight loss accomplishment and losing those sizes. I exercise and avoid the foods I love like cake and ice cream, it is the only way to stay trim.

  • Weight Watchers can be a great avenue to a healthy lifestyle. Glad you’ve experienced great success with the program.

  • I am at the point where I need to start toning up. All works together

    • I’ve tried and tried to drink more water…I just can’t do it. It’s always a goal of mine.

  • Congratulations on this accomplishment. We have completely changed our diets and it truly had to be a mindset with what we were eating on a regular basis. I have also gotten into pilates quite a bit and love it!

  • Pilates sounds like such a great workout tool. Glad to hear you are getting results, that’s great – congrats!

  • My 2019 resolution eat less sugar and more water. And this time I want to do this for sure. And many congratulations on the weight loss accomplishment.

  • There is a Pilates studio very close to me but she is so tough that I don’t want to go. I love that you are doing so well. I am doing Keto and lost 50 pounds this year!! Woo hoo!

  • That is awesome! Congrats on your weight loss. I need to lose a bunch of weight. Ive heard a lot of good things about the new WW program. I’m going to look more into it. I need to do something!

  • Congratulations on your accomplishment! I’m glad you found what works for you! That is no easy feat and it’s all about changing havits rather than a temporary diet. Way to go!

  • My sisterin law is actually doing it now . She is just starting, I will have her check out your blog. Congrats on your weight loss.

  • Well done for achieving such great results. Its remarkable. Its good when you find adiet plan that works for you.

  • I’ve heard great things about this plan and my neighbor went on it 4 weeks before her wedding to squeeze into her wedding dress, and it worked perfectly! Way to go for shedding so much weight. That’s really awesome, and it’s even better to have a healthy eating mindset internalized now. That’s what I really need to work on myself!

  • That’s awesome, I love being healthy and downsizing because it feels so good and you feel proud of yourself. It’s motivating too.

  • I have heard great things about WW. I keep putting off trying it, but I have had it recommended to me and I bet it would help me. Congrats!

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