Pilates…Where have you been?

Okay…I know that Pilates hasn’t been hiding from me and isn’t a new type of workout. However, I have never done the Reformer-type Pilates and I LOVE it. Mat Pilates and Reformer Pilates are very different. If you have been looking for a low impact, strengthening workout, this would be the workout for you, too.

This is a Pilates reformer

Personal Physical Limitations

I have issues with my hips…a hip replacement is in my future. I was doing barre classes, but I was unable to do some of the movements because of my hips. The vibe of the studio wasn’t to my liking, as well. I did a “Fitness Crawl” at a local shopping/lifestyle center; it was 4-25 minute classes at each of the fitness studios in the center. One of the classes was at a Pilates reformer studio. I did that one short class and I really liked it. I then booked an introduction class for free and knew it was the workout I was looking for.

Pilates Reformer

The Reformer is a piece of equipment that has different springs in it, which adds resistance to you workout. If you are doing arm exercises, you use less resistance. If you are doing leg exercises, you use more resistance. There is also something called a springboard attached to the wall which also has springs on it. You use the springboard for additional exercises, mostly involving arms. There is also a small section of barre on the springboard. Other equipment that you use are balls, BOSUs and magic rings. It may sound overwhelming, but within a few classes, you get the idea of how to use everything.

Happy Place

I highly recommend Reformer Pilates. Club Pilates is my studio of choice because it is local to where I live. (I am not gettting paid or receiving any compensation from them for this post. I just really like the classes.). There are some days that I don’t even break a sweat in my classes, but I know that I am getting stronger. There is a TON of core work in these classes. This workout makes me happy and I enjoy going to the classes. I NEVER dread going to this workout. Give it a try! You may love it, too.


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