Calming Influence in Uncertain Times

I don’t know about you, but I am in information overload about the virus. I have to switch off all types of social media, media and entertainment and just go for a walk. It is very stressful. One person contradicts what another person says. It is unprecedented and no one knows exactly what to do or not do. We all need to take time to be calm and detach from the influx of news.

  1. Thankfully, I have yoga to fall back on. I did an online meditation and yoga class last night and I felt so much better afterwards. Here are some great resources:

Yoga with Adriene – my all-time favorite yoga classes; she is the reason I started my yoga journey!

Sweet Balance Yoga – this studio offers virtual classes where the instructor is doing the class in real time as you watch it; they have been my saving grace during so much at-home time

2. Another great thing to do right now is start a gratitude journal. I know that it doesn’t seem to be a time to be grateful, but actually we have so much to be thankful for. It is the littlest things that we should be grateful for each and every day…pandemic or not.

3. Meditation is also a great way to stay present and down-regulate your system so that you lower your anxiety and stress levels. My favorite meditations are Meditation Minis by Chel Hamilton. This is free podcast and her voice is soooooooo calming. I highly recommend this podcast.

Although, I do work at the Sweet Balance yoga studio part-time, I am not getting any payment or other perk from posting their information here. I just want to help out a small business that is working very hard to get the yoga vibe out into the world while trying to stay in business. Plus…their classes are awesome and I want to share that love. Also, I am not getting any payment or perk from Adriene or Chel Hamilton. I just want to share these things that have given me comfort and calm.

What have you been doing at home to support your mental and emotional health?


  • Thank you for reminding me to write in my gratitude journal. I started one at the beginning of the year, but like many good intentions, it fell off the priority list. I will put it next to my nightstand now.

  • I love these calming ways that you have listed. In a world where most people choose panic and give into anxiety, we have to balance it out by keeping our calm and spread the same on social media. The more level-headed we are, the better our choices.

  • wow. thanks for giving your contribution to the community. During these difficult times, we are really need to share positivity. This post is really a great help for those who are very easy to get panic. Thank you.

  • Those are great ways to stay calm–and staying away from the news as much as possible is also a great help. Thank you for helping out the small business with your shout out! I hope they are able to see some benefit from it.

  • Meditation has been an important part of dealing with everything right now for me (and not completely losing my sanity in the process). I have been trying to start each morning with meditation time to allow myself to calm, adjust and approach the world with the best possible mindset. It’s not perfect, I’m not perfect – I miss some days, fall short others – but it’s a step in the right direction 🙂

  • I take my daily walks outside and it gives me some time to reflect, release and relax along with exercise. I have done yoga a few times in my life and it is a great exercise for the mind and body.

  • def love having a gratitude journal to help out when i need to write things out or see things in a different persepctive

  • I find reading helps me to calm down. I also think of things to be grateful for. I don’t write them down, but I go through them if I start to panic and worry.

  • Yes, yes, and yes! I allow myself 15 minutes to read/watch whatever I want to about the virus. When social media gets too heavy, I shut it off. Yoga, meditation, my gratitude journal, and reading fiction have been great.

  • I really enjoyed reading this post. These are really helpful tips. I have to look into adding yoga to my routines.

  • I know that yoga and meditation are super helpful for many people during stressful times.

  • I started a gratitude journal during this tune. I have always wanted to but things got in the way. Not any more.

  • Yes meditation is really important now especially on our situation. These are all great reminders to all, I found it really useful in times of these uncertainties.

  • Whew! I totally AGREE with you Kim. I was just telling my husband how I’m so tired of hearing about this and that it’s overwhelming me etc.. I agree, got to take a break from the noise.

  • We’ve been pretty occupied with projects here at home while quarantining, but we still watch the news everyday. Meditating is such a great thing to do. I have an app that I use for meditating.

  • I love these ideas! It is good to have ways to stay calm and grateful during hard times.

  • I try not to listen to what’s going on right now because I just don’t want to know. I mean I keep up, but for the most part I stay away from the media. I think yoga is a wonderful idea too. Great for keeping calm.

  • Thank you for all these tips! I’ve been trying to start doing the gratitude journal. It will always remind me that there are still lots of good things happening.

  • I am also doing yoga daily morning nowadays, really helps me start the day on a positive note. Still getting the hang of meditation. Thanks for sharing these tips.

  • I meditate everyday and it is a major stress buster for me, in fact its the best! I have done yoga before and it is the second best way of reducing stress. Thanks for sharing.

  • Yes I need it. Balance and calming ideas are everything what can keep us in good mental shape

  • Nice tips! I love the positivity you shared on this post. News about Covid19 are really alarming. We need a little relaxation.

  • It has been so stressful since last a few weeks! I hope things get better soon. Sending you a virtual hug!

  • Yoga is a great way to get centered and find inner calm during such an uncertain time. I really want to start doing it, but have to wait until my leg heals. Gratitude journal is a good substitute while I wait.

  • This is so true, flowing through my Newsfeed are just silly conspiracy theories about the virus. You don’t know what to believe any more. Most people are just using it to gain attention or gain traffic but that is their own personal problem.

  • A gratitude journal is a great idea for getting all yours thoughts down. It’ll also be interesting to read in years to come.

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