This page includes many items that I just love!!!!  All the items I have listed are items I have used and truly use, enjoy and think are great.  I hope that you try them and love them as much as I do.

Viv and Lou: beautiful, monogrammed personal items


  • Hi Kim,

    We are both apart of the Lovely Bloggers Facebook group, and I saw that you are interested in yoga, so I thought you would be interested in my new freebie on my website.

    I designed 12 hand-lettered yoga quotes for people like you to post on their Instagram to relate to your audience and get more likes and engagement.

    Please sure with your yoga buddies!

    I hope this is something that interests you and that you’ll enjoy them.


    Crystal Whitlow

    • I downloaded it, but don’t know how to access it on my phone so that I can post it to Instagram:(

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